Spooky TV Episodes to get you in the Halloween mood


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It approaches. Pumpkins fields are emptying, the once vibrant orange landscape now almost barren as the last few destined jack-o’-lanterns are plucked. Packets of sweets and treats are being purchased in bulk, hidden away in dark places until the time is right. The last finishing touches are being made to costumes, with fabrics being sliced, ripped and stitched in preparation for the big night. That’s right folks, Halloween is just round the corner!

I thought I’d put together some of my current favourite tv shows and episodes (maybe a few films too!) to get you in that spooky mood. There are the obvious choices like American Horror Story (disturbing) and Buffy (iconic), but I wanted to share some personal faves. Filled with witchcraft, vampires, demonic possessions and zombies feasts that will make you avoid mirrors and anything with a reflective surface for the foreseeable future. Now let’s get to it!


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Everybody Loves A Clown, Mystery Spot & No Rest For The Wicked

I couldn’t put this together without mentioning the one and only Supernatural. CW’s longest running series is filled with all things, well, supernatural: two brothers who hunt monsters, kill vampires, exorcise demons and even battle gods. Now on it’s 15th and final season, Supernatural has many gems you can watch just that will make your skin crawl - these episodes are from the earlier seasons. Everybody Loves A Clown (2x02) is one of the creepiest episodes to date: A clown waits outside of houses at night, waving at children until they let them in so they can then kill the parents. If you fancy more light-hearted horror, Mystery Spot (3x11) would be a better choice: Sam gets stuck in a time loop and has to watch his brother Dean die over and over again, in cartoonish and gruesome ways. It’s an episode filled with morbid humour that will still satisfy all of your Halloween desires. If you want more of an emotional punch, No Rest For The Wicked (3x16) is the choice for you (spoilers ahead): Dean’s time is up, he sold his soul in return for Sam’s life and now he must pay the price. The clock is ticking, and the hellhounds will stop at nothing to drag his soul to Hell.



Séance, The Nightcomers & A Blade Of Grass

Penny Dreadful is one of those beautifully crafted shows that just went completely under the radar. Featuring powerhouse performances from Eva Green, Billie Piper and Helen McCrory, Penny Dreadful is set in Victorian era London with famous literary figures such as Dr Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Grey, witch covens, werewolves and even the devil himself. Described as a psycho-sexual horror thriller, the show creates some truly haunting scenes such as blood rain, demonic possession, witchcraft and more. Séance (1x02) is possibly the most unsettling episode, with a possession scene that will haunt you some time (Eva Green gives gut-wrenching performances episode after episode). The Nightcomers (2x03) introduces us to the wicked world of witchcraft, with the marvellous Helen McCrory as the lead witch Madame Kali. These are the cruellest of witches - expect disquieting blood sacrifices. Another episode worth mentioning is A Blade Of Grass (3x04), easily one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen. More of a psychological thriller, it’s a flash-back episode where Vanessa Ives relives her time in a mental institution. You can read more about Penny Dreadful in our previous post here!



The Missonaries, Doctor Cerberus’s House of Horror & a midwinter’s tale

Pick any episode of CAOS and you’ll get a Halloweeny feel. There is never a shortage of candle-lit rooms, eerie woods, gothic houses and of course - witches. I found season 2 to be a lot stronger in terms of writing and pacing, it expanded the mythology and focused more on the witch Academy. The Missonaries 2x06 is one of CAOS’ darkest and violent episodes (the show is rated 15), where a group of witch hunters attack the Church Of Night. Sabrina attempts to reach her fellow witches before it’s too late. For a less intense episode, Doctor Cerberus’s House of Horror (2x04) might be the one for you: a mysterious stranger sets up shop in town, leaving Sabrina and co having to figure out what is fact and what is fiction… Want a double festive episode? Try A Midwinter’s Tale (1x22) for a Christmassy feel.



The Haunted halls of Waverly hills hospital, The haunting of hannah williams, the subterranean terrors of the london tombs, the strange killing of ken rex mcelroy

Now for something a little different. Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural is an American documentary entertainment series on YT where supernatural enthusiast Ryan embarks on a quest to convince his skeptical friend Shane that the paranormal exists, by investigating evidence surrounding famous supernatural folklore. The two funny and witty hosts have great chemistry, and effortlessly make the most disturbing cases more bearable to watch with morbid humour. With that being said, they are still respectful of the most sinister events. Armed with cameras, microphones, spirit-boxes and more, Shane and Ryan wander through the creepiest and scariest places such as the Waverly Hills Hospital (2x04) which has a body shoot (just as scary as you’d expect) and even make a haunted house call in The Haunting of Hannah Williams (5x06). Other great episodes include The Subterranean Terrors of The London Tombs (3x10) and The Demonic Goatman’s Bridge (3x04).

If you’re more interested in mysterious unsolved crimes, check out Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime which is equally as entertaining! Episodes The Strange Killing of Ken Rex McElroy (3x05) is about the murder of a town bully in front of hundreds of witnesses, yet remains unsolved; a more famous case, The Bizarre Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar (4x07) is super unnerving and The Strange Deaths Of The Nine Hikers at Dyatlov Pass (1x05) is very, very weird. The Q&A videos after each episode are worth a watch too!

Not in the mood for any of these? Watch Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban instead, we all know it’s the best one. Happy Halloween!