Review: Unicorn Store


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Unicorn Store, released on Netflix on 5th April 2019 Starring: Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Mamoudou Athie, Joan Cusack, Bradley Whitford, Karan Soni Directed by Brie Larson, Written by Samantha McIntyre

Official synopsis

After failing out of art school and taking a humdrum office job, a whimsical painter gets a chance to fulfil her lifelong dream of adopting a unicorn.

Brie Larson’s directional debut has been described as being more style than substance, however it is very promising; if you take away anything from Unicorn Store, it’s that Larson has a bright future ahead of her in the directing field.


Dedicated to dreamers and young adults who are dealing with the first trials of adulthood, to those determined to forge their own paths and embrace their dreams however childish they may appear: Unicorn Store is about personal growth, self-love, acceptance and finding joy in the most unexpected places. It forces its audience to reflect on their adulthood, and question whether or not they maintained their imagination and lust for creativity; an incentive to reconnect with their inner child, to not abandon their dreams for the sake of fitting in to a box that is no more than a manufactured illusion.

Ultimately, Unicorn Store reassures its audience that it is ok to not conform to society’s ideals of adulthood because there simply isn’t a universal blueprint for success, and that perhaps it isn’t too bad to look at life through sparkly glitter glasses from time to time. It champions oddball behaviour and quirkiness whilst also promoting perseverance and hard-work.

Larson succeeds in capturing the charm and sweetness of McIntyre’s plot: a young woman trying to navigate the ups, downs and anxieties of her twenties. It’s a weird, quirky and funny love-letter to our inner child. Unicorn Store is naive and perhaps a little too whimsical and sickly-sweet for some, however it is relatable, endearing, and ends on a heartfelt note. The incredible bold outfits and colours deserve a mention too: when the heroine embraces her truest self, her surroundings become embellished by every colour of the rainbow.


Initially supposed to be released in 2017 (before Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson began production on Captain Marvel) their on screen chemistry is palpable and undeniably one of the films strengths. The rest of the cast (an impressive array of actors) give equally strong performances.

Expect glitter, bold colours and tons of confetti in this whimsical and heartwarming story!