Red Loafers & Old Courtyards


This stunning courtyard is adjacent to a Catholic Church whose origins date back to the 5th century. It’s in a quiet, sleepy town filled with countless derelict houses and long deserted high-streets, and sadly this historic location is no exception. On the other side of this courtyard is a huge 19th century multistory building which once served as military barracks up until 8 years ago. The dusty doors have remained locked ever since, a gloomy sight for such a magnificent edifice. It’s no surprise then that we were completely undisturbed when we took these pictures, we didn’t see a soul for almost two hours!

We made the most of the peace and quiet, admiring the large beams of sunlight as they shone through the archways on to the worn stones below. The garden within the courtyard was perfectly kept, the green grass cut and small rose bushes perfectly trimmed. The only sound was the click of the camera shutter, our footsteps on the stone floor and the flutter of wings as pigeons flew off the cathedral’s roof (we did capture most of this location on our film camera with a wide angle lens - coming soon!).

It’s no secret that we love old locations for our backdrops: our favourite place is of course the historically rich town of Poitiers, with its picturesque cathedral and cobblestone streets - but there are so many little pockets of history and old architecture scattered throughout the surrounding rural landscape. We plan on visiting a few of them soon!


With a few months of stable work behind me, I’ve only now (finally) mastered the work - personal life wardrobe balance! Out of all the pieces in this outfit, I would only ever wear these cotton twill culottes at work: they are comfortable, they look smart and the material is pretty study so I don’t need to worry about them getting ruined. Even though the blouse would be considered work-appropriate, it could tear or get stained so easily so I’ve been careful not to wear any bright long sleeve tops or any delicate fabrics. I still haven’t had many opportunities to wear these red heel loafers out and about, but my love for them has not subsided in the slightest.

The belt and bag were both borrowed from my Mum’s wardrobe. As I type this, it’s a sunny 30’C September day here in South-West France, so I try to utilise as many summer pieces as possible while I still can: like this black woven bag. I love incorporating different textures into outfits, this bag has a slight sheen to it which matches the patent red heels. The ruffle long sleeve blouse is definitely the statement piece here, but the shoes or the bag could take that title in more minimalist outfits.


Summer wears H&M blouse (4+ months) & Other Stories cotton twill culottes (6-7 months) + red heel loafers (6-7 months)

belt + bag borrowed from my Mum’s wardrobe


All of my trousers are cropped so I’m looking forward to finding some full length ones in the coming months! I’m also in need of a short wool jacket and I’m very tempted by this one from Arket . In other news, I am in dire need of a hair cut. Soon. I’m also tempted to get some highlights to even out the naturally darker roots - this was the first summer ever where I was working full time so my hair didn’t have a chance to go the strawberry blonde/auburn tone it usually goes!

I hope you are all having a wonderful September,

Summer x

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