Coffee Bean Prairie Dress


I purchased this beautiful prairie style dress from & Other Stories earlier this summer. I’ve never been one to say no to a bit of ruffle and I’ve long desired a collection of midi dresses, so it didn’t take me long to make my mind up on this beautiful piece. It is fitted at the waist and includes an adjustable bow at the back, offering a very flattering silhouette. The only small issue I have is with the sleeves which are sightly too long for my taste, but otherwise I could not be happier with it! My infatuation for prairie style dresses began with a scroll through Pinterest where I fell upon a picture of a beautiful vintage Gunne Sax dress. My love for them grew thanks to period films and television shows such as Little Women, Westworld or Godless which feature some truly stunning attires.

I wore my Zara mary-janes, but some lace up heeled boots and even my loafers would go well with the dress. I felt like a character in a film or book, waiting for someone to arrive on horseback or in a carriage. I’ve always loved dressing up and the feeling it brings with it is what inspires me to create content like this! The river felt like the ideal setting, nostalgic, peaceful and romantic.


Even though Autumn is on the horizon the summer weather tends to last well through September here, so I still have a few chances to play around in this midi dress! It’s also lined and feels a bit heavy which makes it the perfect transitional piece. As for the rest of the wardrobe, once again I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to purchase some more appropriate clothes for work. I’ve spent the past few mornings running around the house in my underwear desperately trying to find a top or blouse, only to discover that the few I have are in the wash or drying! The goal is to find some some basic tees that can be dressed up with smarter trousers and accessories.



Not a lot is going on outside of my work life at the moment. Every penny is going into savings, except for the odd cinema outing, but after getting some good news yesterday I’ve decided to treat myself to some personal upkeep in the weeks that follow. As someone who never spends money on such things, I now intend on getting my hair cut and possibly getting my nails done too. It feels like such a luxury but I’ve reached the point where I’ve realised that a little professional pampering is self-care, not a selfish act that I should feel guilty about spending money on!

In smaller news, I saw Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, and absolutely loved it. Different from Quentin Tarantino’s previous films and possibly the most heartfelt one yet, a love letter to cinema depicting the transitional time in 60’s Hollywood . I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to experience it on the big screen: I’ve always admired the editing and cinematography in Tarantino’s filmography, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching two actors perform and not have the experience ruined by excessive editing and camera angles.

I’m currently making the finishing touches to my The Boys review which will be live shortly, and I’ve also been watching HBO’s Euphoria featuring the very talented Zendaya who gives a truly impressive performance each episode; so you can expect a little review for that soon too!

Hope you are all enjoying the last few days of August,


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