Brighton in 35mm Film


Oh Brighton. I fell in love with you the moment I stepped off the coach! I’m really excited to share the film pictures we took at the coastal city today, I’m so pleased with how they turned out.

We took the coach from London Victoria on Friday the 28th of June. We had booked our tickets online a couple of weeks in advance, I think we paid £14 each for a return journey. The coach departed at 1:30pm and arrived just before 5:00pm, a little late due to London traffic. It worked out much cheaper than a train ticket and I quite enjoy long coach journeys so I didn’t mind the slower pace. It gave us the opportunity to admire the beautiful green English country-side which is something we have (unbelievably) seen very little of. The coach dropped us off at the Brighton coach station (which is little more than a sheltered bus stop) just off the famous Brighton pier. We crossed the road and snapped a few pictures before walking down the steps onto the pebbled beach and settling in the shade for a couple of hours. Despite the UK heatwave I had somehow contracted a horrible cold, I didn’t let it ruin my week-end but I definitely disturbed the peace with my almost constant sneezing. The beach got busier by the hour but it didn’t get overcrowded, there was a very relaxed atmosphere. People were stripping to their underwear and jumping in to the waves with huge smiles etched across their faces.

We spent a good couple of hours on the beach, once the air had cooled we made our way towards the famous pier. We took our time, we had a couple of hours before our dear host for the week-end arrived and as neither of us do very well in the heat we didn’t want to overdo it.


With rides and attractions, food stands, bars, restaurants and cafes, the The Brighton Palace Pier is without a doubt the family-friendly tourist hotspot. We were on a tight budget so we didn’t try out any of the attractions but we did enjoy our walk up and down the pier; there are several sheltered benches dotted along the way so we ended up spending quite a while simply people watching and admiring the view.


As the crowd began to thicken we left to join Amanda, our week-end adventures were about to begin! On the Saturday Amanda took us to her childhood home of Hastings, we have written a blog post about our time there which will be published soon after this one. We returned to Brighton the Sunday morning and for some reason not one thing ran smoothly for me that day! There’s quite a list so I’ll keep it short: the train doors shut on me because we spent 3 minutes singing along to a song in the parked car, I also managed to forget my shopping bag full of new purchases under the table after lunch. Fortunately we walked by the restaurant again not 10 minutes later and I lunged in horror when I noticed it. There were many other blips through-out the day and honestly every single one of them was my fault, the friendship high was clearly dimming my attention span! Not that any of it was bad or serious (first world problems am I right?), but do you ever just have one of those days where things don’t seem to be going quite right?! None of this negatively impacted our day in the slightest, as you can see in these pictures not even my relentless runny nose could wipe the smile off my face. Now back to what we got up to in Brighton…


We started our Sunday off with a visit to the Lucy & Yak shop, Amanda is wearing their colourful hand-made sustainable dungarees in the picture below and they are SO CUTE! I didn’t buy anything unfortunately but I do now have my eye on a few pieces. Amanda then took us to JuJu, an independant vintage clothing boutique which was honestly one of the best ethical shops I’ve ever been to! I purchased a second-hand blue navy dress and a pale green jumper, both of them were in the sale and the quality was so great, I couldn’t say no. I saw so many beautiful pieces in there. Amanda purchased a gorgeous pair of dogtooth print trousers and I nearly bought a pair of linen dungarees which would have been perfect for this 40 degree heatwave we’re currently experiencing in France. Brighton has so many vintage and second-hand stores, it’s one of the main reasons I fell in love with the town so deeply! It truly values authenticity and sustainability. This was reflected in both the shops and the street style.

After our short shopping trip we headed towards Infinity Foods with Amanda’s sister. Infinity Foods is what my heaven would look like were heaven a vegan food store. Oh my gosh, I was overwhelmed. Organic shampoo bars, soaps, vegan supplements, essential oils, food, re-usable cutlery and bottles, eco-friendly cleaning products- literally everything you need to live your best eco-friendly life. I swear most of my money goes towards organic and sustainable products- probiotics, supplements, herbs, superfoods or organic skincare, I love it all! I had to put so much stuff down but I did buy some snacks for the journey home.

At lunch-time we headed to Iydea, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant located at the head of the busy North Laine. I was still recovering from my ethical shopping excitement when my mind was blown by one of the best vegan meals I have ever had in a restaurant. At Iydea you choose 1 main dish, 2 side dishes and 2 toppings. I went for the vegan lasagna with roasted potatoes and greens, chili aoili and another topping I can’t remember. It was very filling and absolutely delicious, a great meal for only £10! I would highly recommend Iydea to anyone visiting Brighton.


The afternoon was spent browsing the other shops in the laines and exploring the surrounding areas. The Royal Pavilion, the asian-style palace built for King George the IVth is incredible! This area is particular had a really lovely feel to it. There’s lots of green, open space. At around 4pm we took the train back to Hove to collect our luggage. We had some time to kill before our coach departed so Amanda decided to drive us through to Woodingdean. After nearly 10 years of friendship it comes with little surprise that Amanda always knows exactly what to show us. I was blown away by the beauty we saw on that mini road-trip, the views of the rolling green hills were incredible.


I hope you’re all having a lovely week and that you’re staying hydrated! I’ve had a few panic moments the past few days thinking about the record-breaking temperatures across Europe. Very few buildings in the UK and France are equipped to deal with such hot weather and very few homes have AC. I was constantly checking up on my younger cat who hasn’t yet learned how to deal with the heat, and I was getting heat-rashes despite staying indoors all day. It’s disheartening to see the world leaders fail to take action against climate change or the fossil fuel industry. There are so many things we can do as individuals but unless corporations and governments immediately take responsibility and put the environment over profit- well, I hate to ponder that idea but it can’t be ignored. I hate to end this post on such a worrisome note but it’s such a monumental issue that I must add my voice to it. I’ve made many choices to live a more sustainable life, I can only hope others do the same.

Holly x