What a beautiful location this is! Summer and I couldn’t wait to visit this Abbey again after our original trip in the early summer months (Summer spoke about the strange, eerie quiet that surrounds this town in her recent post, you can read about that here!).

I wanted to showcase the Abbey’s beautiful architecture in these pictures. The building has been destroyed several times since its construction in 500. Earthquakes, fires, religious wars - the Abbey you see today dates back to the 1093 reconstruction. It is characterised by the beautiful white stones and large arches.


This beautiful linen dress was a sale find in & Other Stories. It had been reduced from about £80 to £22! I could have done with an in-between size for this piece as the smaller size was a tiny bit tight over the chest, and the bigger size is now too big over the waist (although that can be improved with the waist tie). It’s the perfect shade of blue, it’s not tight under the arms, and it shows of my delicate limbs. Does anyone else have an affinity for quarter-length sleeves? As for the details, I borrowed Summer’s striking red loafers and wore my Nan’s vintage golden earrings.


Now for a quick catch-up! Lots of things have happened in the past month. I received an email from a job recruiter at the end of August and travelled to London for my first big interview. I was shocked to find out 24 hours later that I had been offered the job, which means I’ll be moving back to London in the next 2 weeks. I still don’t think I’ve quite recovered yet. I cried a lot on the day, partly due to shock but also due to the realisation that Summer and I would be working in different countries for the first time ever (even if it is only for 3 months). Don’t assume that we’re ‘finally going our separate ways’ though, we are in fact already preparing for our future projects- we are twins after all. This is going to be a very personal experience for me and once I’m settled, I look forward to delving into deeper into the subject. For now, I need all the emotional support and positive thinking! It’s going to be such an exciting experience but a challenging one.

I hope you’re having a lovely week, I’m sorry for the short post. I still feel a little overwhelmed by recent events! Thank-you Josie and Summer for being there for me when I got the call. It was a moment to remember!

Holly x

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