Autumnal Walks on 35mm Film


Isn’t it a wonderful feeling, discovering a beautiful little woodland walk not twenty minutes from your home? I had been here with a school friend perhaps a decade ago now, but amazingly my clearest memory of that day was me being worried about ruining my new pair of jeans on the wet and muddy paths (priorities, apparently). Despite being unable to conjure up any other images from that day, one thing I remembered for certain: it was a beautiful place. Its name literally translates to Hell’s Well, referring to the small but impressive waterfall hidden within the woods.

It wasn’t until Spring this year that I finally wandered these muddy paths once more, this time with my family in tow. We took these pictures on one of the last days of summer, when the heatwave had finally began to subside. However, it soon became obvious just how much the heat wave and lack of rain had effected the area. The entire stream had dried up, leaving only a handful of ponds throughout the river bed but fortunately there was enough water left for the fish and frogs to go unscathed! The small waterfall itself had completely disappeared, which was quite a strange (and quiet) experience. And so, we climbed over the rocks, pebbles and tangles of roots and admired the exposed riverbed.


It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon as I type this, the first I’ve had in some time! I’m snuggled up in my comfy clothes, watching the rain outside the window that has been falling for some time. There is a weather warning in place, and sure enough the wind has steadily been building up throughout the day.

I always cherish the last film pictures of the summer months, I shoot a lot less of them in the winter simply because the I find the naturally muted colours quite uninspiring. This year I might give black & white film a go for the first time, just to try something different and hopefully my Canon A1 won’t be sat on my shelf collecting dust for weeks on end!


Holly & I are hoping to shoot a lot of outfit content in the next few days, if the weather clears up! As you may have read in our previous post, Holly got a new job in London and starts next week! So it’ll be interesting to see how our content will change over the next few months. Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of September x


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