By the quarry in 35mm film



The sun exhales its warm breath and all living beings inhale it. A welcome embrace which awakens the senses. Plants grow. Flowers blossom. Bees hum away, carrying bags of golden pollen. And although occasionally, the early mornings still cling to winters chill, the days are bright and evenings golden.

This year, Spring has been fruitful to me too. I’ve been busy with work which is such a nice feeling. To have structured, productive days once more. Even if they leave me too tired to write or shoot new content; it’s a price I’m willing to pay as I seek some form of stability.

Although I’ve learnt to accept the unpredictability that seems to be interlaced with our Twenties, it’s nice to know what the weeks ahead have in store for me. To rest peacefully at night knowing that the path before me, although temporary, is already laid beneath my feet. I need only walk it.


Talking about unpredictability, we happened on this beautiful walk one day when the location we had hoped to shoot at was unavailable. We had often driven past it, noting the little signs before the hidden path. This small path runs along a small stream, eventually leading to a tiny cave and small waterfall. The flowers had just begun to bloom, carpeting the small forest floor. We passed a small cemetery, concealed by the surrounding foliage, before arriving at an old quarry overlooking the neighbouring fields. A few steps from the quarry was a derelict tower, once a bakery before WW1 affected the area.


A few steps away from the path is a cluster of houses on the river’s edge. A lovely quaint, quiet area complete with narrow bridges.

With Spring always comes a desire to shoot on film. These were shot on Kodak film, I’m not sure if I prefer it over Fujifilm but it’s always nice to switch things up every once in a while!