February & March in 35mm film - leftovers


I have some leftover 35mm film pictures for you today, shot way back in February/March. It feels strange to be writing about pictures that were shot in a different season. Moreover, these pictures came out darker than I had hoped, and upon seeing them I’d just pick out the bleak signs of winter. That’s probably why these have been sitting in a draft for so long, I felt uninspired. Spring had not yet sprung, the days were short, and the trees were still bare.

There is still a certain magic in the air, though. These photos remind me of how precious my home in the french country-side is. I can already feel the separation anxiety starting to build up as I get organised for my summer trip. The thought of leaving this place if only for a little while makes me sad yet when I am travelling, I couldn’t be happier. The thirst for adventure is stronger than the desire for comfort. The first step is always the hardest, because it forces you to appreciate what you’re (temporarily) leaving behind.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

Holly x