are you identical twins?

Yes we are! We love the same things and can communicate without words.

can you speak french fluently?

Yes we can speak french fluently. We grew up in France and all of our education has been in French, except for one semester abroad in Canada.

what camera do you use?

Our digital photos are taken with a Canon EOS 700D and 50mm lens. Our 35mm film photos are taken with an old Canon A1 we bought off eBay for £50. We alternate between a 50mm and 35mm lens. We usually use Kodak or Fujifilm.

do you have a degree?

We both have a degree in Film studies. We studied History, Theory and Politics of Film & Theatre at a French University, majoring in Film. Summer is continuing her studies in another field.


is your hair naturally curly?

Our curls are completely natural. Our natural hair colour varies between dirty blonde and auburn depending on the time of year and the level of sunshine we get!

how can we tell you apart?

This is a difficult one to answer ourselves. At the moment, Summer has longer hair, which is more auburn. Holly has more earrings on her left ear. Our faces are slightly different: Summer has a longer, thinner nose (whereas Holly’s nose has unfortunately been broken).

How tall are you?

Holly is 5’10 and Summer is 5’9.5.

How did you manage to go travelling?

We were accepted into an international exchange program at University and spent 4 months in Canada.

We funded our backpacking trip around Vancouver/New Zealand by working full-time for a year and living with family. We are privileged in the sense that these opportunities were more available to us- which we are very grateful for- but we had to save up and live on an extremely tight budget.