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The Twins' Wardrobe is run by Holly & Summer, bilingual British twins living between SW France and North London. We are Performing Arts graduates, passionate about the visual arts.

Growing up in rural France, photography and fashion became a hobby which enabled us to keep busy during the long summer days, when we no longer wanted to run around building cabins in the woods. We played around with cameras, taking pictures of ourselves in bad make-up for the pure pleasure of it - an activity which evolved into a strong passion and love for personal style.

We initially created The Twins' Wardrobe to share our outfits and participate in the ever growing online fashion blogging community. As the years passed, and we began our Film & Theatre degree, our love for Cinema, Theatre and all things within the Pop-Culture realm grew: we found ourselves posting more and more articles related to these Industries. Now, 6 years since its creation, TTW presents a variety of original posts: from Reviews to Travel Guides, fashion posts to 35mm film pictures.

Our early blog pictures were taken on a Sony Cybershot DSC, followed by a Nikon D5100. We currently use the Canon EOS 700D with a 50mm lens. All 35mm film posts were taken on a Canon A1, unless stated otherwise in the post! We shoot and edit all of the pictures ourselves, unless stated otherwise.


The Twins' Wardrobe will occasionally use affiliate links and include sponsored posts: all sponsored posts are declared by a #SP or #ad tag. We only accept collaborations that fall within our interests and values. All posts are written by ourselves unless stated otherwise. All pictures are our own unless stated otherwise.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or social media if you have any questions!


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