7 February 2019

The Unintentional Break

It's been a while!

I had originally written a full page about why I couldn't finish any blog drafts through-out the month of January, but in order to combat the blues I thought it best to focus on the positives! Therefore I thought I'd write a bit of a chatty post and include some life updates in there. 

First of all, a few words about this backdrop! 
At the beginning of the month, Summer and I ventured out deep into the French country-side. We had driven through an old village a couple of times during our driving lessons and both of us had remarked upon the beautiful 12th century church at the centre of the hamlet. The Historical building was pillaged during the French Revolution and had been abandoned for a hundred years after that, left to decay until its restoration in the mid 1900s. I have always loved old french architecture and I enjoy learning the stories behind these historical places. It's just as well that the beautiful strong beige stones offer a perfect photo backdrop (that's my opinion, anyway!).

Second of all- what's up with the decline in my outfit posts? I'm down to one post a month.
Summer and I have been discussing the 'fashion blogger' title for a while now. We've never truly considered ourselves that and we both agree that promoting fast-fashion in our current climate isn't a great idea. Personal style however is something we have always taken an interest in, and there is a big difference between the two (I won't overwhelm you but basically I'm going on about being a conscious consumer and buying for the long run again okay- check out the blog series on the right of the screen). 

My blog posts won't be focusing on fashion in the future but Summer will continue to write about clothes in the wonderful way that she does! After all clothes are important for confidence and forging your own individual identity. However my first love has always been photography. Clothes, whatever their price or value, have always been secondary to that. I'll take this as an opportunity to further improve my writing, in both English and French, on topics that I take more of an interest in. 

Finally- Veganuary!
I eat a plant-based diet 95% of the time. I have really enjoyed educating myself on the subject this past year or so, so much so that I've been seriously thinking about studying holistic nutrition. I finally cut out cheese this month (I was only eating gruyère about once every 2 weeks) and successfully switched to dark chocolate. I didn't think this change would impact my body as much as it did but I feel much better for it. I might occasionally eat a pain au chocolat or a biscuit that's in the family cupboard, perhaps a pizza at a restaurant that offers no vegan options- however I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made! Changing your lifestyle isn't easy and I think a more laid-back approach is the way forward. I didn't transition all at once and that's okay!

Side-note: at the start of January I grabbed some scissors and cut most of my hair off in front of my bedroom mirror. A classic sign of quarter-life crisis right? It did feel good at first but now I miss the curls. I always valued my hair as I felt it was my most striking feature. I associated it with my identity for a long time. I refused to subject it to change for well over 5 years! I told myself that because I was on my way to starting a new chapter of my life it was time to say good-bye. After all, it will grow back! 

How was your January? 

Holly x


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  1. I've sort have had similar thoughts on my part around fashion blogging - finding the right way to balance being more ethically conscious with doing what I've been doing for a while. Also - congrats on doing Veganuary! I've always been a big meat eater but in January I did a "veggie" January (no meat/fish) which was super hard for me but taught me a lot and I'm so glad I did it! I actually don't really like cheese (I know, showing ha), and I don't care for dairy but for me my fear was how I'd survive without meat AND eggs, hence I went for the veggie January!



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