21 February 2019

The Twenty Year Old Suit

I can almost see her, the woman I wish to become. As if I were gazing across an ocean, only to find my future self smiling back at me from the distant shore. As my birthday dawns and once again a chapter closes in my book, it's only natural I find myself questioning my current path as I approach my mid-twenties. It's a scary thought but also an exciting one. Our current media and society constantly romanticises our teenage years, but in some strange way it's almost a relief to finally be past that stage in life. Since then I have worked and travelled, made dreams come true, been utterly lost, anxious and financially unstable. 

At this moment in time I have finally established a new routine with a sense of stability, albeit short-term. I started a new job not 15 minutes away from home, which I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would. Driving to and from work alone for the first time was a very odd yet welcome feeling, and I can only hope my contract extends into the spring months. Needless to say, I am in a much, much better place now than this time last year, and I couldn't be more grateful!

What better outfit to illustrate this stream of thoughts than this 20 year old suit, which belongs to my beautiful Mum. I used to try it on when I was younger, admiring the soft fabric and elegant fit - but now I can wear it, instead of it wearing me. It's finally age-appropriate and fits me perfectly. My Mum brought it to me after seeing me desperately searching the house for work wear. (It turns out I do not yet have a functional wardrobe, and I really really need to replenish it after selling most of it over a year ago). I tried it on, took one look in the mirror and knew I had the woman's body required to wear it, and once again I glimpsed the person I hope to become one day. 

Ironically, it's too good for work and would hate to damage it from running around, but it is perfect for special occasions. So Holly and I drove down to the river and created a few looks centered on this precious suit: paired with a floral silk shirt for a work-wear approach, a roll-neck for a more casual look and finally a suit-only look just for the fun of it. 

This vintage Planet suit is made from 55% viscose and 45% cupro, in a beautiful elegant dark grey colour with a hint of purple in the sunlight. The trousers are high waisted, the long blazer has discreet shoulder pads offering more structure to the fit. I find it really flattering and look forward to styling it differently! I'm really inspired by neck scarves lately (see Alice Catherine's recent post!) and the twist they give to any outfit. I love how it looks with the silk floral shirt by & Other Stories, almost as if they were meant to be worn together.

I've been added lots of pieces to my Pinterest wish-list board lately, I really need a functional wardrobe for work so I've been looking at some versatile trousers and light jackets. I found this olive gem on Everlane yesterday and am debating getting this green jacket from & Other Stories! I'm really loving anything with pointy, sharp collars lately. Let me know what you think!

I hope you are all having a wonderful February, I know we haven't been posting as much on here recently (although it is usually this quiet this time of year) but we really appreciate all comments and feedback!

Summer x

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