27 February 2019

December & January in 35mm film

We've been using 35mm Fujifilm for so long that we were a little apprehensive about the result of this roll of Kodak film, gifted to us for Christmas. We have shot on Kodak before, and I always recall the vibrant colours this film creates. It makes such a huge difference when shooting in the winter months, when lighting and natures' colours are generally quite muted and dull. The reason I first transitioned to Fujifilm was simply because it was cheaper, and we got 36 frames instead of Kodak's 26, however upon seeing these pictures I wish I had used this film every winter instead! It emphasises the colours so beautifully without it looking too filtered.

February has been a really sunny month so far (which has been really nice albeit a little worrying) but since we usually get our worst cloudy and rainy weather in April, we have all been making the most of it before we have to dig out our boots and raincoats! Holly & I have both recently started new jobs, so until we settle in to our new routines content may be down to one post per week - (et la traduction francaise va devoir attendre un petit peu malheureusement!) I've always advocated for quality over quantity anyway, so hopefully it won't make too much of a difference on the outside!

The first picture of Holly was taken on Christmas Day. She had been after a Harry Potter knit jumper from one of their stores for a while now and was gifted one for Christmas! I need to get my hands on one too, I've been wanting to go back to the Warner Bros Studio Tour for years now as I know there are lots of new additions I haven't seen yet. We also spent a day in La Rochelle a few weeks ago, it was one of the coldest days of the year so far but we managed to get a few shots on the small beach near the town centre. The last few pictures were taken in front of a 12th Century Church in a nearby village and of course the last one in front of our favourite cathedral in Poitiers. 

Starting my new job put into perspective just how dysfunctional my wardrobe truly is - by the end of my first week, I was already borrowing clothes from my Mum's wardrobe. Over the next few weeks I'll hopefully be adding some much needed new pieces to my wardrobe, trousers being the most important! These cropped flare Stories jeans have featured in almost every single outfit post of the past few months, so I look forward to styling something different.

This was just a little update post, but I promise we have some fashion film content coming your way soon too, and Holly has some tv reviews to share!

Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday, and remember to wear sunscreen even if it's February.

Summer x

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