3 February 2019

Backpacking Vlog #18 - San Francisco, USA

It's quite amazing that despite studying editing for my degree and having edited 17 (!) travel vlogs that it's only now, during the final one, that I've discovered a crucial sound editing tool. If anything, sharing this final piece of our backpacking content only fuels my desire to pack my bags and set off again, and of course create all kinds of new content (with new and improved video editing skills).

In our final vlog, we arrive in San Francisco! It was more of a pit-stop than an actual stay, as we were on our last few pennies and the adventures of the past few weeks had finally caught up with us. We were exhausted, and despite not paying for any public transport during our time there, we still had a great time. We were also blessed with beautiful warm weather for November, which made walking up and down steep streets a lot easier! We walking to Pier 39, saw the Golden Gate Bridge from afar, walked through the Palace of Fine Arts, the Financial District and Chinatown. Not having any money to spend wasn't ideal, but we were still able to see and experience a lot during our time there. 

I've said this before, but these little travel vlogs were more of a personal project than a blog one. We had shot an incomprehensible amount of digital and film pictures during our trip, which we incorporated into detailed travel diaries on here. As we already had an established audience on this platform, it felt silly to dedicate more time to YouTube - which is why we didn't rush out to share all the vlogs each week. 

I loved the challenge of editing and sharing these vlogs, they feel a lot more personal than the blog posts and it's a scary thing showing so much of ourselves on social media - but if they inspired anyone to go backpacking then it's a job well done.

You can read our previous San Francisco travel posts here: San Francisco, Chinatown, and 35mm film pictures.

And now you can watch the entirety of our backpacking trip in one setting too! Let us know if you have any questions regarding our backpacking adventure, we'd be happy to help.

Summer x

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