12 January 2019

Final Backpacking Vlog #17 - Christchurch & Mount Sunday 'Edoras' tour, NZ

First of all, Happy New Year 2019 to each and every one of you!
I hope this new year grants your wishes, brings you happiness and above all keeps you in good health.

Today I finally share our final New Zealand backpacking vlog. This little yet ambitious project has taken an entire year to complete, and although it was mostly for personal reasons, I do hope whoever has watched them has enjoyed doing so. It was a very small chapter in my life which spanned only a couple of weeks, but I continue to reap the benefits from this experience today. To travel, experience different cultures and meet new people is a privilege, and I will always be grateful for it. I hiked a volcano in treacherous weather, smiled from ear to ear whilst cave diving, conquered small mountains, saw the most breathtaking landscapes and met some truly wonderful people from all over the world. I ticked off major items from my bucket list that I had dreamt of doing since I was a child. I had never felt more myself than I did while I was travelling, and I can only hope that I get to experience this once more in the not too distant future.

Our last New Zealand chapter concludes with a huge bucket list item: visiting Mount Sunday, home to Edoras, Rohan in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. We stood where our hero Éowyn stood, wielded Théoden and Aragorn's swords and held the iconic banner of Rohan. It was a dream come true, and it will be very apparent upon watching the vlog - our hands shook as we filmed the landscape around us, our lips trembled with happiness and silver lined our eyes. I have no shame in admitting it.

The last few days in NZ were spent visiting museums in Christchurch and the botanical gardens. The Edoras tour was the final activity of our trip, so the remaining few days were spent relaxing and recovering after the very busy and packed past weeks!

You can read about our 6 week backpacking adventure here
Christchurch botanical gardens in 35mm film here
Edoras in 35mm film & travel diary

If you have any questions about our travels please don't hesitate to ask - and let us know what you think about the final NZ vlog!

Best wishes,


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