4 December 2018

Sweet November

November always seems to fly by! I can't believe that December is already upon us. The golden leaves have fallen, either ripped off by the strong winds or weighed down by the heavy rain- the bones of the land revealed, a sure sign that winter is well on its way. 

Before our trees were stripped bare I asked Summer if we could capture the golden light late one afternoon in our garden. It had been weeks since we had stretched our creative muscles and I was in the mood to have a little fun with it all. I knew exactly what feeling I wanted to convey and Summer, forever the perfect collaborator, helped me achieve it. Snug jumpers, vintage boots, unkempt hair, a scarf that doubles up as a blanket- somehow this outfit makes me actually want to walk through wet grass until my nose is red and runny. I don't know, it goes back to that call to adventure I feel when I wear jumpers. 

The wet weather has been a near-constant companion this month but I will be forever grateful for the clear skies I had during both my mock driving test and my actual test. After months and months of stress, worry and crying, I passed my driving test first time round a couple of weeks ago! 
I never knew how difficult the learning experience could be for some individuals (i.e. me) and I wish I appreciated that more in the past, perhaps spent more time praising my friends and family when they passed their test. We all have our struggles and something as universal and general as a driving test is a reminder of that! Now, the world awaits.

I tend to watch more TV during the darker months (a natural human calling to spend more time indoors- I refuse to feel guilty about that!). Outlander (the only romance/drama show I will watch) is back on Netflix with its forth season, and I've been balancing that out quite nicely with Narcos: Mexico (binged in one week) and Disenchantment. They are all so different: Narcos Mexico is very drama heavy, I think you really need to be in the mood for it. Think Breaking Bad but with no comedic relief. Disenchantment offers some lighthearted but clever escapism, and Outlander is a welcome mix of romance, drama and action.
I've been falling behind with reviews the last couple of months but I found myself itching to write a few words on the new episode of Vikings this morning- perhaps the page has finally turned! I look forward to sharing my thoughts on those blood-thirsty characters.

That's about it for now, just a little update post/chat for you all. I wish you all a very happy week!

Holly x

Holly is wearing:

Cropped jumper: & Other Stories (3-4 months old)
Pleated black skirt: my mum's!
Vintage boots: from Camden market (4-5 years old)
Double print scarf: Zara (4+ years old)


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