10 December 2018

Backpacking Vlog #15 - Milford Sound & Queenstown, New Zealand

Hello all! Here is our 15th backpacking vlog, featuring the stunning drive and boat tour of Milford Sound and a beautiful hike in Queenstown. This is one of my favourite vlogs yet, Milford Sound was a highlight of our trip because of its otherworldly scenery. You can watch our previous Wanaka vlog here!

The drive alone to Milford Sound (with the Kiwi Experience Bus) is simply magnificent. The sheer scale of the mountains, rivers and waterfalls is mind-boggling. We were blessed with beautiful sunshine on the drive there, and despite the fjord itself being cloudy, it did not once ruin the experience. 

Queenstown was definitely not what we were expecting, but we had a lovely time and in the end wish we had stayed longer. We only did one hike which was Queenstown Hill, as we were quite exhausted at this point in the trip. Even simple tasks like checking into an AirBnb became difficult with our large backpacks, as the past few weeks were finally catching up with us! We also did a Lord Of The Rings location tour which was another huge highlight and bucket list item, but we decided not to vlog it as it felt like such a personal deal to us! You can read it all about here.

Here is a list of posts featuring Queenstown & Milford Sound:

I need to share the news you may have already heard this past week. Grace Millane, a young British backpacker was murdered in a hotel in Auckland. Grace was the same age as Holly & I when we were backpacking in New Zealand, and I was so saddened to hear that the police had found her body. A 26 year old man has been charged with her murder. We met so many women who were backpacking alone in New Zealand, and I hope this tragedy doesn't discourage any young women from travelling. We should be free to travel wherever without the fear of being murdered. Please do not blame the victim. New Zealand is an incredibly welcoming, kind country. Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

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