15 October 2018

Mad Men

I started watching Mad Men this summer after my good friend Amanda recommended it to me- it took me a couple of seasons to really get into it but now the episodes are just flying by! I feel so inspired by the female characters in the series and their beautiful outfits. Their style changes through-out the seasons to reflect the trends of the era (we start off in 1963). I love Betty Draper's style: she dresses as the typical 1960's american house-wife. It's interesting to see what value she gives her clothes, and how we perceive those outfits based on our knowledge of the misogynistic ideals of the time. Betty's clothes are her uniform: they are part of her identity and they reflect the society that she lives in. Yet, she draws power from her pretty dresses and fitted pieces. Why and how do we wear them?

What is it about a piece of clothing that makes someone feel more confident?
Is it related to the material/fit or is it because it reminds you of a memory, a feeling? That's what makes clothing so interesting: the power you give it, and the power it gives you. I feel like this is something many of us overlook as clothes are so accessible now, we ask less questions about them. We should all look at clothes differently, and question how they can help make us feel our best selves.
I guess one of the reasons why this dress appealed to me so much is because I associate it with strength. The strength of the women who were subjected to decades of sexism but continued to stand tall and proud. I can't quite put it into words, but there's something about wearing this 'traditionally feminine' dress that makes me feel powerful.

I purchased the dress from Mango last month, when I was fully immersed in Mad Men's 3rd season. It was quite pricey at 50 euros but it is a good-quality item which is what I look for when I buy new clothes. The gingham print is soft on the eyes and the structure of the dress is very flattering with the waist tie and collar neckline. I'm wearing an XS here and it still feels big around the chest so it's worth going a size under if you can! I've always struggled with the Mango sizing.
I styled the dress with my trusty 3 year old mary-janes from Zara and my mum's vintage beach bag.

We captured these shots down by the river at the very beginning of Autumn. The weather was still quite calm then, a little chilly in the mornings but warm enough for shorts and dresses in the afternoon. Several weeks on and the rain has finally arrived after a 4-5 month absence. The grass is being nursed back to health, turning from a sickly yellow to a strong, deep and wild green. I love watching the landscape transform this time of year- I have been abroad the past 3 Octobers so I am absolutely making the most of this one. The sound of the rain hitting the tiles in the early hours of the morning, the shorter days, big mugs of tea in front of a good film with the family, the general mood that accompanies this weather- everything just feels right. I'm loving every minute.

Holly x


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