29 October 2018

A Little Lavender

A Little Lavender today. Quite a feminine blouse, despite the slightly oversize fit. Femininity is a topic I always enjoy discussing, whether it be femininity in terms of fashion and personal style or simply character traits that society has defined as 'woman-like'. Needless to say there is so much to discuss here: from feminine, masculine & unisex clothing, society constructs and stereotypes, but I thought I'd keep it short and sweet.

Femininity is mainly socially constructed, with traits being influenced by different social and cultural factors depending on the place and context. I find strength in my femininity. I have some of these feminine attributes and behaviors that continue to be associated with weakness and inadequacy. As I've grown older, I've learnt to recognize and appreciate their true value as strengths, and not be shamed for embracing them by those who are blinded by society's constructs. Empathy, compassion and kindness are traits that should be embraced and admired, regardless of gender. 
Fashion and femininity have always been intertwined, and although I don't own a lot of clothes that society considers to be feminine, those I do own make me feel good, strong, and happy. I believe dressing in a feminine way means different things to different people, we each have our own definition of it. Femininity in clothing can be certain colors or fabrics, skirts and dresses, heels, ruffles... but we can also take any piece of clothing and put a feminine twist on it if we wish (at the end of the day, clothes are simply clothes and we can dress in whatever way we want).

I found this blouse a few weeks ago and fell in love with the colour and fit. A strong, structured high neckline with short sleeves, in a beautiful delicate fabric. Upon trying it on, I instantly thought of wearing it with a black a-line skirt (still on the lookout for one) but discovered it also looks great with these 2 year old button-up cropped jeans from & Other Stories. The result is a relaxed, smart-casual ensemble that I'd happily wear over and over again. I borrowed this net bag from Holly which happens to match the top perfectly, and these loafers are definitely the wardrobe essential I hope they would be!

There is so much to say about femininity, fashion and feminism. I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic so don't be shy! I brought it up in our group chat and loved how much we each had to say about it.

Summer wears
Mango pink short sleeve top (new)
& Other Stories button up cropped raw hem jeans (2 yrs)
& Other Stories loafers (new)

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