13 September 2018


Summer has come and gone, leaving in its wake sun-filled memories and dead, yellow grass. Since moving to France 16 years ago, I have only missed one French summer. When I was living in London last August I would day-dream about being at home. I knew that I wasn't getting my annual recharge. I missed it terribly and in a way, it did impact my emotional well-being. I guess it's because France is home base and I've always believed the summer was a time to be spent at home with my parents.
Summer and I had just enjoyed a meal with friends and family in the popular Historical town of La Rochelle. The tables lining the streets were still full of people, taking their time to eat and digest and socialize in the golden glow of the warm sunset. The French are a laid-back people. Eating is an important event, best enjoyed with company over the course of several hours. The meals are never rushed. They are an opportunity to sit back and relax and appreciate one of life's simplest pleasures.
After we bid goodbye to the waiters, Summer and I headed towards the sea to capture the golden light. As I mentioned the cobbled-stone streets were still quite busy, but the pace had slowed down exponentially. The energy was different. We were no longer weaving our way through large crowds of tourists, we were walking along-side people who had no desire to rush the evening away. Smaller groups of 2-3 occupied the benches and the stone walls by the water's edge. Their clothes comfortable and relaxed, the epitome of French fashion. Wherever you visit in France, make sure you venture out in the evenings. You'll see what I mean by 'different energy'.

There is just something about France. The French Summer. I find it invigorating and comforting. It makes me feel safe, recharged and inspired, ready to face the new academic year and whatever challenges it may bring.
Do any of you have that one place you like to return to every year for an annual recharge? What makes it special?

On venait de sortir du restaurant, les tables alignant les rues étaient encore pleines, les gens prenaient leurs temps à manger, digérer et parler tout en profitant de la jolie lumière du soir. Je trouve que les Français sont tellement décontractés, surtout lors des repas. C’est une bonne qualité je trouve, les repas ne sont jamais hâtifs, on y accorde pas mal d’importance. C’est un moment à partager en douceur avec les autres et une occasion d’apprécier les petites choses dans la vie. 
On est parti se balader vers le vieux port en cherchant un joli petit coin pour shooter quelques photos. Y’avait encore du monde certes mais l'énergie était différente, on ne traversait plus des tas de touristes mais on marchait tranquillement avec des petits groupes de 2 ou 3, des gens qui cherchaient à profiter du beau temps pour socialiser avec leurs amis, sans vrai destination en tête 
C’est l’été Français et l’attitude décontractée des Français. Je trouve ça revigorant, voir réconfortant. C’est l’occasion de se reposer, recharger, et de se préparer pour tous les challenges à venir dans la prochaine année académique. Y’a-t-il un endroit que vous aimez visiter chaque année afin de vous reposer/recharger les batteries ? Pourquoi est-il important pour vous ? 

We had a very busy summer this year: 2 months in the UK working and seeing lots of friends and family followed by an equally busy month back home in France. Summer and I barely had a chance to sit down! We didn't have much time to dedicate to the blog at all, but that's okay. We were able to enjoy the company of our loved ones without the added pressure of planning, shooting, editing and writing new content. Now that our 'blogging hiatus' is over we will be returning to our usual schedule of 1-2 posts per week!

Nous avons eu quelques mois assez chargés : 2 mois à Londres suivi par un mois en France, plein de travail et de visites d’amis et de famille. Je n’ai jamais eu du temps pour moi seule, et évidemment on n’avait très peu de temps à dédier au blog. De toute façon je voulais profiter de ce beau temps entre famille sans avoir la pression de préparer, shooter, écrire puis partager du nouveau contenu. Maintenant que le ‘blogging hiatus’ est terminé, on a hâte de partager tout ce que nous avons créé ces derniers temps, on retourne donc à notre planning habituel de 1-2 articles par semaine ! 
Merci à vous ! 

Thanks for sticking around,
Holly x


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