30 September 2018

Edoras in 35mm film

"I see a white stream that comes down from the snows", he said. "Where it issues from the shadow of the vale a green hill rises upon the east. A dike and mighty wall and thorny fence encircle it. Within there rise the roofs of houses; and in the midst, set upon a green terrace, there stands aloft a great hall of Men. And it seems to my eyes that it is thatched with gold. The light of it shines far over the land. Golden, too, are the posts of its doors."
—Legolas, seeing Edoras from afar

A dream come true for any fan of the Lord of the Rings.
This is our tribute to Éowyn, the woman who taught us that we could be whoever we wanted to be, and that our fate would not be decided by any man.

Le rêve pour tous les fans des Seigneurs des Anneaux.
Voilà notre hommage à Éowyn, celle qui nous a appris qu’on pouvait être qui on voulait, et que notre destin ne serait jamais décidé par un homme. 

These pictures were shot on Mount Sunday, the filming location for Edoras in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. We booked our location tour with Hassle Free Tours. You can read more about all of our LOTR related experiences in New Zealand here!

Nous avons pris ces photos argentiques sur Mount Sunday, le lieu de tournage pour Edoras dans la trilogie le Seigneur des Anneaux de Peter Jackson. On a réservé notre visite avec Hassle Free Tours. Pour plus de détails, vous pouvez lire notre article qui résume tous nos expériences liées aux Seigneurs des Anneaux ici !

Holly x

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