25 September 2018

Château des Ormes in 35mm part I

Voir plus bas pour la traduction francaise. 

Little snippets of a different world, a different time. I love visiting old historical monuments and this summer set out to cross as many as I could from my list. The most spectacular castles nearby (and the ones who have been beautifully restored) tend to be located further north in the touristic Loire Valley, which is only a few hours drive from Paris.

I always appreciate being able to visit beautiful pieces of architecture at affordable prices (entry tickets cost 7 euros, 10 for a guided tour) and this one by far one of my favourite experiences. Despite only paying the standard entry fee, the guide asked us to follow him and he kindly took us to some of the private rooms which aren't part of the guided tour. This generous act made our day!

It's always a joyous and stressful time shooting indoors, as we're eager to capture every single detail and the lighting can be a real struggle. Fortunately some shots came out beautifully, the perfect amount of grain and blurriness, capturing the magical and otherworldly feel of such places. As this isn't the only post we'll be sharing on this location, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and share the history of the castle in the following posts...

Un petit aperçu d'un autre monde, d'un autre temps. J'ai toujours aimé visite des monuments historiques et cette année on a vraiment consacrer plus d'effort à ceci. La majorité des châteaux proches de nous sont situés près de la Vallée de la Loire, a environ 2 heures de route.

J'apprécie toujours ces opportunités qui nous permettent de visiter et d'apprendre plus sur ces endroits, notamment leur histoire et leur importance culturelle, surtout quand les prix sont abordable. Cette visite fut l'une de mes préférées, nous avons seulement payer pour la visite libre mais le guide nous a discrètement montré quelques espaces privés dans le château qui ne font même pas partie de la visite guidée. Cette geste généreux nous a beaucoup touché et a rendu cette visite encore plus mémorable.

Entering the front door is like walking in to a different world, suddenly you feel extremely underdressed and you notice your shoes need polishing. It's a reminder of how different times once were, and yet in some ways remain so similar. Can you imagine living in a castle? I think I'd be quite content to be quite honest.

Dès qu'on rentre dans le château on a l'impression d'être dans une conte de fée, tout d'un coup on se sens underdressed et on aperçoit que nos chaussures ont besoin d'un peu de cirage. Encore une fois on est rappelle à quel point les temps ont changé.

The living and dining rooms are always impressive, however it's the kitchens that are the heart and soul of the place: I can only imagine the hustle and bustle of everyday life there, with dozens of stoves and twice as many places around the large wooden table. The stones in front of the chimney are worn down from centuries of footsteps too, just one of the many features that depict the passing of time. As this isn't our only article about this location, I'll keep this post short and sweet. I couldn't be happier with the pictures of the entrance hall, with the statue lined corridor, tall windows and marble staircases...what's not to love? 

Les salons et salles à manger sont toujours impressionnants, par contre ce sont les cuisines qui sont au coeur du château. On remarque les détails qui sont victimes du passage du temps, comme les marches du cheminée. L'immense table au centre de la pièce et les nombreuses fours mettent en évidence le nombre de personnes qui y travaillaient à l'époque.

Summer x


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