10 August 2018

Kew Gardens in 35mm film part II

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The greenhouses in Kew Gardens are filled with all kinds of plants, some tall enough to touch the glass ceiling. It almost feels like stepping into another world, with the humid air and the sunlight shining through the glass panels. Some of the ponds are covered in large lillies which are so mystical, you expect to see a fairy perched on the edge of one. Others are filled with fish, silently dancing beneath the surface. Oddly shaped plants hang from the ceiling, flowers with brightly coloured petals spill over the paths and drops of water echo as they fall onto the water below. The paths outside are lined with giant flowers pots, the red flowers in stark contrast to the parched ground surrounding them, another reminder of the relentless heatwave. An endless stream of people walk by, some carrying picnic baskets and no doubt searching for a shady area away from the blistering sun.

These are the 1st film pictures we have taken since November last year! The last time we used our Canon A1 was in San Francisco, we had just left our hotel with our rucksacks and Holly snapped a quick shot of me before we made our way to the airport. I really have taken that camera everywhere over the past 5 years, and it has always been a huge part of our blog.

 I couldn't be happier with these pictures. As much as I love shooting landscapes in film, I love taking pictures of my family and friends. Film photography holds more sentimental value, and when used to capture moments like these which are fleeting and special, it's like a match made in heaven. I tend to use film more in the sunnier months. Not only because we're likely to have more days out, but because I've always associated film photography with the boxes of old family holiday pictures - in a way I feel as though I'm continuing this tradition. 

We shot these on a really sunny day in Kew Gardens. Beautiful location, wonderful company and a cloudless sky. What more could you ask for? 

Les serres à Kew Gardens sont vraiment magnifiques, remplies de fleurs et de plantes exotiques, les rayons de soleil qui traversent les panneaux et l'humidité! Tout cela crée un effet un peu onirique, on a vraiment l'impression d'entrer dans un autre monde. Dehors, des pots de fleurs forment une belle rangée entre le jardin et le petit lac, les couleurs vives qui ressortent contre l'herbe complètement desséché. Malgré le temps chaleureux, il y avait beaucoup de monde dans le parc, certains d'entre eux à la recherche d'un coin ombragé pour manger un picnic.

Ceci fut la première fois que nous avons utilisé notre appareil argentique depuis San Francisco l'an dernier! Cet appareil nous a accompagné partout ces 5 dernières années, et je suis très satisfaite de ces photos. J'ai tendance à utiliser cet appareil plus en été, parce-qu'on a plus de sorties en famille organisée et les couleurs sont plus jolies. J'adore photographier les paysages, mais pour les journées entre proches on ne peut faire mieux. Quand je pense à la photographie argentique, je pense toujours à toutes les vieilles photos des vacances de mes grand-parents...
Dans un sens, j'ai l'impression que je continue cette tradition. 

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers have turned towards film over the past few years, but the past few months especially. As much as we all love the glossy, editorial type photographs, it's always nice to have a bit of visual variety on social media platforms and blogs. Film delivers a grainy finish, sometimes a little out-of-focus or with some light leakage. That's the beauty of film - especially if you shoot on manual (which I always recommend) you never know how the picture is going to turn out, even if you chose the correct aperture and spent ages focusing on the subject (don't worry, I'll avoid going in to all of the technical aspects of photography today!). Some may consider these imperfections, but to me they contribute to the beauty of film photography. 

Film pictures encapsulate that in-the-moment feeling. Each picture feels special, a moment in time immortalised. I guess the same can be said for digital, but with film you can't pick and chose which shots to keep.

I'll keep this post short and sweet as I think the pictures speak for themselves. I often feel as though I need to write 2,000 word essays and discuss engaging topics in every single post, but when you have nothing to write about it's best to focus on what you do have to say instead of forcing something that your heart is not in. I had a wonderful time in Kew Gardens and it was a joy to capture the day on film. And that's all I have to say.

J'ai remarqué que beaucoup de blogueuses se sont dirigées vers la photographie argentique récemment, surtout ces derniers mois. Même si les photos style 'editorial' sont très jolies à voir, ca fait plaisir de voir un peu plus de variété dans les blogs et sur les réseaux sociaux en terme d'esthétique. Même si on prends plus de risques avec la photographie argentique, les résultats sont quand même satisfaisantes: s'il y a une fuite de lumière ou si c'est un peu flou - ces 'imperfections' ajoutent un peu de caractère et contribuent à la beauté de cette photographie.

Je vais m'arrêter ici aujourd'hui, je me sens souvent obligé à écrire des articles de 2000 mots ou d'un sujet qui invite à réfléchir...mais parfois c'est mieux de laisser les photos comme élément central. On a passé une très belle journée à Kew Gardens, et j'ai pris beaucoup de joie a tout capturer en photo.

Summer x

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