14 August 2018

Chinatown, San Francisco in 35mm film

We have a few film pictures of San Francisco to share today, I finally saw Ant-Man & The Wasp at the cinema yesterday which is set there, so it brought back lots of memories. The film has been out a while so I doubt I'll write a full review - but overall I really enjoyed it: it had the same tone as the 1st one, Hope / Wasp was the best thing about the film (finally a female superhero with her own suit and name in the title!) I've always been a fan of Evangeline Lily since Lost so seeing her kick butt on screen brought a huge smile to my face. The film also introduced Ava / Ghost, who I think has lots of potential in the MCU.

Quelques photos de San Francisco à vous montrer aujourd'hui parce qu'on a vu Ant-Man et La Guêpe au cinéma hier (où l'histoire se déroule), et tout les petits coins montres dans le film ont évoqué pleins de souvenirs de notre séjour! Les bâtiments, les rues et Fisherman's Wharf... Je ne pense pas y écrire une critique car ca un moment que le film est sorti - mais personnellement j'ai trouvé le film très agréable et je suis trop contente de l'avoir vu au cinéma.

I've already shared a 35mm film post & a digital pictures posts on here, I loved Chinatown and can't wait to go back to San Francisco some day! Hopefully that time I will have a bit of extra money in my pocket and won't be exhausted from backpacking. 

There may be longer gaps between posts for the next few weeks as the weather here has stopped me from fulfilling my creative wishes. I try to post every 2-3 days but whenever we take a week long break I suddenly feel like I'm slacking! I think we all go through stages of is-anyone-even-reading-this-why-dedicate-so-much-time-blahh but I still enjoy creating images, writing and styling clothes which is the most important thing. I also have no idea what I would do with any spare time as I dedicate 90% of it to this little corner of the internet. Hope you're having a wonderful week x

Nous avons déjà partagé des photos argentiques et des photos numériques de San Francisco, j'ai vraiment adoré ce quartier et j'espère y retourner un de ces jours.
Il va surement avoir moins d'articles que d'habitude ces prochaines semaines à cause du temps qui m'empêche de prendre des photos satisfaisantes. Normalement on publie tous les 2-3 jours, donc dès qu'il y a une semaine ''vide'' on a l'impression de négliger le blog. Je pense que la plupart des blogueurs s'interrogent sur leur travail et s'il y a vraiment des gens qui lisent ce que j'écris, mais je prends toujours du plaisir à écrire, photographier et styler mes vêtements donc je vais pas me plaindre!

Summer x

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