22 August 2018

Blogging Hiatus & Backpacking Vlog #13 - Hiking in Franz Josef, NZ

Hello all! Last week I mentioned on my Instagram that Holly & I would be taking a little blogging hiatus over the next few weeks. This is the first time we've voluntarily taken such a long break in the 5 years we've been running this little blog, so although we're not posting on here 2-3 times a week, we are busy creating content and updating IG and our other platforms.

These past few weeks, I've found myself really struggling to create posts I was 100% happy with (you may have noticed that our last few posts were quite short on the writing side of things). It didn't feel like it had become a chore, I had simply lost inspiration and that creative spark required for artistic expression. There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to create something, but your mind is just 'not with it'.

 As Holly & I do not financially rely on The Twins Wardrobe we didn't see any reason why we shouldn't take a short break from it all in order to take a step back, brainstorm new ideas and return with new content we are genuinely proud of. We have always strove to create visual & written content that encapsulates our artistic vision and inspires us and others. Hopefully this little break will help reignite that creative spark. Until then, here's a new backpacking vlog from our time in Franz Josef, New Zealand. Scroll to end of post for links to backpacking related posts!

Franz Josef is located on the west coast of the south island, and home to some of the most magnificent natural landscapes I have ever seen. From a short walk in a rainforest to a hike to see a Glacier, Franz Josef has lots to offer for fellow nature-lovers. It's the only place I wish I had spent more time in, just because there were so many walks and hikes to choose from. This is the point in our trip where I discover the timelapse option on my Samsung, so I was able to share more landscapes than ever before! As you can tell from the poor picture at the start of this post, we had rainy weather the entire time but the vlogging camera captured it beautifully, unlike our dlsr! 

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