20 July 2018

Queenstown, NZ in 35mm film

These are the clearest (and probably the best) film pictures from our backpacking trip. We spent a week in Queenstown, 3 nights at the Tahuna Pod Hostel and 4 glorious nights in our own little airbnb. Queenstown is a small town on New Zealand's south island occupied mostly by young explorers. There is a huge amount of outdoor activities to do there and many day trips available to book for all budgets. See end of post for links to previous Queenstown posts.

Despite being in this exciting new town Summer and I felt a little down at the beginning of our stay. We had only 18 days left of our entire adventure and for some reason we had decided that it was time to start counting down to the inevitable flight home.

I remember our walk around Queenstown park so clearly. The energy was so light and positive, we couldn't help but smile even though we felt that tightness in our chests. We walked slowly along the edge of the park until we arrived at the furthest point, and climbed over the mass of rocks and stones to settle on the Lake Wakatipu shore.

I could not believe my eyes. We had found the most beautiful and peaceful place in the Universe. I spent hours watching that sky-line and I still could not take in the enormity of the mountains before me. I felt so immensely grateful to be there. You've heard us ramble on about mountains for months and months now I know, but words truly can't describe how it feels to be amongst them. And see the large hill on the left? That's where Aragorn took a little tumble off the cliff in The Two Towers. There is something very magical about it and I think it is something everyone should experience.

The last picture of this post was taken during our Lord of the Rings location tour with Nomad Safaris (website here, our post with pictures here). It shows the view of the mountains from Lake Wakatipu towards Glenorchy, possibly the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen.

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