27 July 2018

& Other Stories Midi Dress in Kew Gardens

Keeping it short & sweet today as the hot weather and lack of air-conditioning in the UK is meddling with my brain. My only thoughts lately are gosh it's so hot in here and wow I need another cold shower. Anyone else struggling to write anything remotely interesting in this sunshine? I hope I can get my writing mojo back soon. Until then, here are some shots we took a few weeks ago.

 I have always loved midi dresses. They can be incredibly versatile, taking us from day to night with only a few changes required, and it's also the perfect transitional piece. Anyone who goes clothes shopping with me will know how rarely I actually buy things after trying them on. I usually take a picture, contemplate buying it, put it away and then order it online a few weeks later. Fortunately, & Other Stories tends to keep its stock for well over a year, which allows me to save up and purchase items later. This was the case for this dress, I bought it a few weeks before my backpacking trip, so I had a nice 'dressier' outfit with me. Needless to say it spent the entire trip folded and a little squished in my backpack, but I've worn it for several special occasions since!

A few weeks ago we went to Kew Gardens, and since most of our readers are outside of the UK I should probably stress just how hot it has been here. In hindsight, visiting open gardens and going inside heated greenhouses probably wasn't the wisest decision we made on one of the hottest days of the year, but I'm glad we went. We caught up with a dear friend we hadn't seen in a long time and wandered around the beautiful grounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens. This dress is very lightweight, with adjustable details on the shoulders so you change the width. It is a button-down dress but the slit down the middle at the bottom is really flattering, and makes it feel a lot more dressed up! I paired it with my Docs as we had a lot of walking planned, my Zara bag and a little golden locket as the finishing touch.

I usually don't feel comfortable having all my arms on display, with a dress that shows off my silhouette - but the material and fit of this one made me feel a lot more comfortable than most other dresses. I was surprised at how cool it kept me during the day too! I can't wait to share a more dressed-up version of this look too, I recently bought myself some heeled sandals after realising I only owned 5 pairs of shoes, 2 of which are trainers - I have the perfect evening look in mind!

These last two pictures were taken in the recently re-opened Temperate House, which is stunning. Sadly, I only have my 50mm lens with me so any wide shots were out of the question, but we did take a few film pictures with our Canon A1 which we will share on here very soon! What have you guys been up to during the heatwave? 

Last night Holly & I were fortunate enough to see Sir Ian McKellen in King Lear, on the opening night! We got up at 5am in order to queue for £5 day tickets (limited amount available for 16-25 year olds with ID). After a 3 hour wait, we got two of the eight tickets available and were later upgraded to seats in the upper circle! Needless to say seeing Sir Ian McKellen as King Lear on the opening night of his last Shakespeare run (and in the very theatre he made his west-end debut in the 60s) is a night I will cherish forever. I actually started crying as he spoke his first line on stage. Patrick Stewart was there too and left the theatre with him, hand in hand. A truly wonderful moment!


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