12 June 2018

Lost in a floral wonderland

We are back with another outfit post after a small break! This past week could be described as chaotic good after 4 intense driving lessons, a busy week-end in Poitiers, a fantasy photo-shoot and a flight to London. I shared a couple of BTS images on my Instagram but for those of you who are curious the shoot included a lake, hand-made crowns, a sword and a beautiful renaissance style dress. I cannot wait to see the results! It will be so interesting to see how the photographer captured us. It's very different to what we usually do and it's always fun to play dress-up and do some serious posing.

We returned home on Sunday morning and packed our bags for London. It feels so strange to be back in the bedroom I lived in for a year. Whenever I go travelling I always expect everything to be different on my return because of how much I have experienced when I was away. You expect that change to be reflected in your surroundings, but it isn't. Everything is just the same and that can be a comforting thought. We have a jam-packed couple of months in London, I honestly don't think we'll have any time to ourselves! On top of a couple of weeks of work we have 3 different friends we met on our NZ back-packing trip visiting from various European countries which is lovely. I remember the exact moment I met each of them, completely unaware that it was the beginning of a great friendship. Travelling truly does bring people together!

We shot these pictures in Poitiers nearly a month ago. I love this area in the Parc de Blossac, in the spring and summer months it transforms into a stunning floral wonderland. Several benches occupy the space making it the perfect quiet spot to relax in.

I was going for a 'soft' look this day. Something light and delicate. I've really enjoyed wearing minimal make-up lately (no doubt thanks to my skin clearing up) and I wanted my outfit to reflect that. I went for neutral tones and broke up the beige and pink with some high-waisted black culottes. All of the pieces are very loose-fitting as I hate feeling trapped in the heat but I wanted to make sure the outfit had a little bit of structure around the waist! The Zara culottes are incredibly comfortable, they actually belong to my Mum (thanks Mum!) which means I'm currently on the look-out for a similar pair. I wore the linen blazer in 2 previous outfit posts as a personal challenge to style it in different ways. You can see those here and here!

I only have 1 more outfit post from France to share with you guys, I'm already excited to shoot more content when I get back in August! For now you can expect some more 35mm posts and reviews. I actually have a long list of drafts but I simply can't think of enough topics to write about. I wrote so many long posts in advance last month such as the importance of platonic love and the bilingual nomad, and it truly took so much creative energy out of me! I hit a massive creative block and couldn't think of any new topics to write about. I believe that if it doesn't come naturally to me when I type then my heart isn't truly in it. I only want to share the best of what I can do so when I do hit that block I tend to take a step back to recharge and come back to it later. That is one of the reasons why I kept this post quite light, I think in the future I'll separate fashion content from the essay-type posts as they don't mix too well anyway and it's easier for me to work on them that way. What do you think? Do you mind the mix of content? Or would you like to see fewer but more creative pictures with the longer essay-type posts?

I hope you're all having a lovely week, thankyou for reading!
Holly x


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