16 April 2018

Picton NZ in 35mm & Backpacking Vlog #10

Picton left us absolutely speechless. We hadn't researched the town beforehand so we were quite shocked indeed when our ferry pulled in to this magnificent paradise. We were lucky to have a couple of days of good weather during our 4 day stay in the Sequioa Lodge Backpackers hostel and although it is a very small town, Picton quickly became one of our top stops of the whole backpacking adventure. Click here for more hiking pictures and here for our small Picton town guide.

The picturesque town was our first stop on New Zealand's South Island: we had booked the inter-islander ferry from Wellington with our Kiwi Experience Bus. The crossing took about 4 hours, we spent the last hour and a half on the deck admiring the astonishing views of the Marlborough Sounds which is one of New Zealand's most famous landscapes.

As you can see at the beginning of our Picton travel vlog (see below!) the views during the ferry crossing are incredible. Steep green hills and dark grey rocks contrast against bright blue water and on a clear day you may even see the giant snow-capped mountains far in the distance. Apart from the occasional hiking trail the heavenly lush hills remain wild and untouched by humans and there are very few boats on the water. It truly does feel like a paradise which has somehow avoided becoming a tourist hot-spot.

We arrived at about 10am so we decided to clean ourselves up a bit and do some exploring after we settled into our hostel room. After a wander around the town we went to a restaurant in the early evening, and I had a weird moment when we were sitting down at the table looking out at the sea. For some reason whenever I find myself by water or the beach when I'm travelling, I am always reminded of how far away I am from home, how much distance separates me from my 'normal' life. It hit me just how amazing it was that Summer and I were actually in New Zealand after years of dreaming about it.

On our first full day in Picton we decided to do the Snout Track, a 4 hour hike over one of the long stretches of hills which completes the Marlborough Sounds. It wasn't too challenging so although we struggled during some of the long uphill tracks we thoroughly enjoyed it. The path took us up steep steps and through tall trees occasionally opening up to the sky and water, giving us incredible views of the landscape. Half way through the hike we arrived at the edge of the water and sat in silent admiration for a good 20 minutes or so. I won't ever forget how peaceful it was!

We had a couple of rainy days during our visit but when the sun came out again we ventured back towards the harbour to shoot some outfit pictures. Of all the outfit posts we have shared since 2013, the shots we took here have to be the most picturesque. It'll be difficult to beat that backdrop! There was hardly a soul about on this day so we pretty much had the beach all to ourselves. Taking pictures here was so liberating.

I'm so pleased with how these film pictures came out, despite the strange light effect on some of them most likely due to damage from x-ray baggage screening at the airports. I think they capture the beauty of New Zealand so wonderfully well.

Holly x


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