7 March 2018

Tamaki Maori Village - Backpacking Vlog #6 part II

Our 6th backpacking vlog is up! We booked the Tamaki Maori Village cultural experience in Rotorua (North Island) on our Kiwi Experience Bus as it was highly recommended by the drivers. The purpose of the experience is to educate and inform people about the History and the Traditions of the Maori people.

I wasn't sure what to expect. We had been given a little information as to what would happen when we first arrived but other than that we were pretty clueless. My main concern was that the experience would be a commercial tourist-trap, more of a show as opposed to an accurate representation of the Maori culture. I can say with up-most honesty that it didn't feel commercial at all.

I do apologize in advance if I have confused any Maori terms or have shared an inaccurate description of events - I tried to film as much as I possibly could, and I did do a lot of research afterwards but it is possible that I have made a few mistakes. I want to be as respectful as I can be so I do apologize if I have indeed made an error! 

The experience is put in place to show visitors how traditional meetings between the Maori tribes and Europeans would have happened in the old days (albeit without the violence). The term 'village' is a little misleading : it refers to the part of the experience which demonstrates the traditional activities of the Maori people in a mock village setting.
It is an opportunity to learn about the culture through the Maori themselves. The Maori who participate in these events are volunteers: they have day jobs and this is something they dedicate their spare time to. You can tell how much effort goes into it all and just how much each and every one of them enjoys sharing their culture with the world.
During our time there we learnt the Maori alphabet, we were told some of their stories, History, traditions, games, beliefs, and much more.

I find this experience difficult to convey through words alone as it was truly memorable and a highlight of our trip. I hope the vlog sheds light on the experience and allows you to get an idea as to what it all entails. It felt really special and there was such a lovely atmosphere the entire day.

We couldn't film the whole experience but our vlog does show a lot, including:

- Our tribe learning the Maori alphabet song and performing it
- Traditional food and snacks
- Traditional accommodation
- A representation of how Maori villages would have been at the time the Europeans arrived in New Zealand
- The traditional greeting between chiefs
- The Haka
- Traditional games
- Traditional Maori buildings
- Traditional form of cooking, the 'Hangi'
- A culture show performed by both Maori men and women - favorite event of the day!

You can read our first post about our experience at the Tamaki Maori Village here!

Lors de notre séjour au Nouvelle- Zélande, nous avons payé pour participer à l’expérience culturel Tamaki Maori Village à Rotorua dans l’ile du Nord.
Je ne savais pas du tout comment la journée allait se dérouler. Ce qui m’inquiétait le plus c’était l’idée que l’expérience allait être très commerciale, très touristique (vu que nous avons payé pas mal d’argent) – mais heureusement ce n’était pas du tout le cas !
Le but de cette expérience est d’éduquer et d’informer les visiteurs de la Culture Maori. Donc la Tamaki Maori Village montre les visiteurs comment une rencontre entre les chefs aurait déroulé dans le passé, lors de l’arrivée des premiers européens (avec moins de violence biensur). C’est aussi une opportunité d’apprendre d’avantage sur les traditions (nourriture, rencontres, jeux, activités…) et l’Histoire des Maori.
L’évènement est mise en place par des volontaires Maori, des particuliers qui ont leurs propres boulots mais qui décident de passer leurs temps libre à partager leur culture avec nous. 
Je m’excuse d’avance si je suis imprécise sur les termes et les activités : j’ai filmé tout ce que j’ai pu mais en effet il va manquer pas mal d’information dans notre vlog.
Donc qu’est-ce que nous avons appris pendant notre temps au Tamaki Maori Village ? Notre vlog montre pas mal de choses :

L’alphabet Maori
- Nourriture traditionnel
Logement traditionnel
Représentation d’un village traditionnel Maori au temps de l’arrivée des Européens
Rencontre traditionnel entre les chefs
- Le Haka
- Jeux traditionnels
Méthode de cuisson traditionnel, le ‘Hangi’
Le spectacle Culturel (meilleur moment de toute la journée !)
-  Holly x


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