28 March 2018

Revisiting old pieces

I experienced a wave of nostalgia when I first looked at these pictures. We shot them in Poitiers (where I lived for several years when studying at university) whilst I was wearing clothes that I purchased before or during that time. I bought this suede peccary biker jacket from Mango over 3 years ago and although I now avoid purchasing suede or leather clothes I decided to keep this piece and get as much wear out of it as possible. Now I may start sounding like a broken record but I don't buy as many new clothes as some may expect, partly because I'm lucky enough to have a twin who shares my wardrobe. Although I occasionally buy trends most of the time I buy pieces for the long run. When it comes to blogging this can be a little problematic as we worry our posts may become too repetitive or irrelevant. It does however allow me to revisit old pieces in my wardrobe, incorporating them into newer outfits and putting a fresh spin on them!

It's easy to fall in to this buy buy buy trap when blogging, I often lack motivation to shoot pictures if I haven't purchased anything new in a while - and there's also the worry that my content wouldn't be relevant to our readers if I shared a piece from several seasons ago. These are mindsets that I'm constantly trying to change. Although I do think it's important to change your wardrobe up every now and then, that doesn't mean that you can't keep some key pieces for a little while longer. It can be challenging but in the best, most rewarding way. One of the reasons why fashion is so fun and inspiring is because of this concept of re-styling old pieces in to new, fresh looks. It's the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and to further explore your creative side.

Which kind of pieces do you keep for years on end? I think classic, timeless outerwear, shoes and bags must be the most cherished - they tend to be the most expensive investments, so it's only natural that they remain in our wardrobes the longest.

It felt quite odd to be wearing this outfit and to be back in Poitiers too, I suddenly felt as if I were back at university living in my lovely two bedroom flat in the town centre! Once again reminding me of the power of fashion and clothes, how we associate certain pieces with a specific time in our lives. Like many others I've begun dressing for Spring, hoping the weather will follow suit!

Summer x

Summer wears
Mango suede peccary jacket -  ankle boots  - plumetis top (old)
& Other Stories straight leg jeans


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