30 December 2017

Top Outfits of 2017

Another year of blogging has come to an end. We have been running The Twins Wardrobe since 2013 (have a cheeky look at our archives if you fancy a giggle at our early blog years) and I'm so proud and happy to say that we've stuck to it for another year. Blogging has been the one constant in my life for the past few years, like a digital diary it has been with me every step of the way. It has seen doors open abruptly, close with a bang & of course allowed me to challenge myself artistically.

2017 has probably been the strangest year of my life so far. In September 2016, I had graduated university and moved back to the UK, leaving home & the comforts of our little flat in Poitiers. I remember last year's December as a really tough time, I had been working in an office for 4 months & still had no clue as to what I wanted to do next. I remember writing down my fears & feelings in a blog draft before bursting into tears and deleting it all. I was utterly lost. Did I want to do another degree in film making, which would give me a much better chance of achieving my career goals, did I want to find another job in London in the industry I studied in and 'settle', or did I want to save up and go travelling?

Graduating from university is one the most liberating experiences ever (despite not having an actual graduation ceremony / celebration here in France - I know) but it's also incredibly daunting. It's like a security rug has been pulled out from under your feet, leaving you on the floor having to start from scratch. No more routine filled with exams, presentations, summer breaks - this time, you're officially on your own. I soon realized despite missing this stability and university routine, I wasn't ready to go back and do it all again. I wanted a little freedom. So, I decided to continue working at the office in order to fund a backpacking trip to Vancouver, New Zealand & San Francisco. 

I was living with family which allowed me to save up, however it also meant not having a proper personal space in which I could work on my personal projects. After having my own flat for 3 years, I found this incredibly difficult to come to terms with, it had quite a disastrous effect on our blog (not necessarily in terms of visual content, but in the personal sense -  behind the screen). When I had my own place, my own bedroom, our little blog thrived. I consider 2014-2015 to be the time where our blog had reached it's peak - the stability of having our own place had such a positive effect on our content. It's for this reason and many others that I'm beyond excited to move in with a friend in London in 2018, to finally have this stability again. 

So, despite this instability, 2017 has been rather good. For the first time ever, I was earning money, I had the opportunity to wander around London whenever I wanted to. Being back in the UK allowed me to spend more precious time with my family and meet up with new friends. The good definitely outweighs the bad by a long shot. 

And now, returning to the topic and the title of this post - clothes. 2017 hasn't been my favourite outfit year, but I've still loved some of ones I've put together. From red lipstick to tweed coats, ankle boots to oversize trench's, my wardrobe is filled with some rather lovely pieces. Let me know which ones are your favourite!

Which one is your favourite? Have a lovely Christmas all x

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