27 December 2017

One Moment in Time - part I

This moment felt so important to me. I stood and watched the waves come and go for a good 10 minutes. The sound of the tide was deafening. It felt old and powerful and I just felt the need to admire it in silence for a good while.


I remember feeling slightly on edge on this day, a party was coming up that evening and I didn't really want to go. I'm more of an introverted person so I tend to avoid these kind of situations. We had a couple of hours to spare before the party began so after our dinner we ran out of the hostel to catch the end of the sunset.

Despite the sound of the powerful waves it was such a peaceful moment. My mind relaxed a little as I walked along the empty beach and after a couple of minutes I felt a strong desire to run and dance along the black sand shore.

Summer already had the film camera out so I shouted at her to quickly snap a picture. I wanted to capture this moment, this feeling, this freedom.
I realised I was still wearing my pink raincoat which I didn't want in the photos so I quickly ran back towards Summer and dumped it onto my rucksack, before turning towards the sea once more feeling lighter than ever. I don't know why this beach brought out that feeling in me. It felt like an important moment. Perhaps it was the nature of the wild landscape still untouched by human kind, or maybe it was just because we knew we were exploring somewhere we had never been to before. We were truly exploring, experiencing a raw part of the world which was so very far away from home.

We had the entire beach to ourselves. We were shouting to each-other over the deafening waves with huge smiles across our faces. We watched and listened and danced and ran around for a good half an hour before other people joined us.

Holly x

Holly shot on a Canon A1 film camera - Mahinapua, New Zealand.

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