8 December 2017

NZ travel diaries: On top of Queenstown Hill

We had planned on doing several hikes during our time in Queenstown but due to the poor weather conditions we only ended up doing one which took us up Queenstown Hill.
It was a short hike. It took us only about 45mins to 1 hour to get to the top but it was probably one of the most difficult ones we have done during our 2 month trip due to the steep nature of the landscape. We were sweating and panting 30 minutes in, our hearts thumping so hard we thought they would burst! Despite having conquered the Tongariro Alpine crossing in awful weather conditions just a month before this hike left us weak and tired, but it was all worth it. We were awe-struck when we reached the top. Queenstown was laid before us, encircled by rows of extraordinary mountains.

Little things like this fill me with so much happiness. We had stumbled upon similar makings in Vancouver: the art of balancing slender rocks and pebbles to form miniature mountains. This little area was situated about halfway up Queenstown Hill. There were hundreds of mini rock mountains covering the forest floor. Who made them? When? What are their stories? I've always thought that such acts bring so much magic to our world, taking us right back to our roots. Away from mindless consumerism and technology and back to appreciating nature and making our own kind of beauty out of it - even if for no particular reason. Why choose to do this in the first place? Just for the pure pleasure of it and to be part of something pretty cool. Of course we made one of our own.

The picture above was shot at the first wide open space of the hill before we had reached the top. We stood here for a long while simply trying to take it all in. We tried taking pictures and videos but truthfully nothing beats seeing it through the naked eye. You just can't wrap your head around it, you are surrounded by mountains and almost touching the clouds.

Delicate yellow mixed with the yellow tinted grass, various shades of green from the many trees and bushes- the top of Queenstown Hill was such a wondrous, wild kind of beauty. It truly felt like we had wondered into Middle-Earth. There's something about the landscape that screams adventure. Of course New Zealand is well known for this and it's untouched natural beauty is something that will inspire me forever. I hope I never forget it.

Holly x

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