6 December 2017

Les Vacances & feeling overwhelmed by the blogosphere

Oh how I miss outfit posts. I haven't been able to take any satisfying outfit pictures over the past 2-3 months. During our trip I only had a very limited amount of 'backpacking' clothes, and now that I'm back home I finder it harder than ever to dive back in. Despite shooting outfits on a regular this since 2013, I always find it a little daunting going back in to it after a little break, and this is by far the longest outfit-picture-break I've ever taken. The blog content over the past few months has consisted mainly of travel posts, but I've always noticed our outfit ones always tend to get more pageviews (not that I post articles for the views, but it's always interesting to see what your audience enjoys reading!). I have my clothes and my camera, so why is this so difficult? The answer: I'm simply overwhelmed by the blogosphere.

Whenever I'm home, my main blogging issue is location (scroll through my Lookbook profile and you'll be standing in the middle of a field or by some flowers).You can still create stunning visuals in rural areas,  but shooting in muddy fields or in the middle of the road isn't ideal especially in winter - and if you're not feeling the backdrop, this tends to be reflected in the pictures.

When I say that I find the blogosphere overwhelming, I don't necessarily mean in the pejorative sense. There is simply so much incredible content out there, that it's difficult to dive back in that sea of talent when your own blog pales in comparison. It's daunting seeing the sheer amount of incredible visual content every time I go on my phone or laptop. Beautiful, sleek editorial type images that are incredibly inspiring, but yet seem so unattainable. Writing that is so articulate and elegant it's like reading a high-end magazine. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be prouder to see the incredible hard work of bloggers, to see how much this community continues to grow & flourish. Despite finding it daunting, the inspiration & motivation it gives me far outweighs this. But it can be so overwhelming, especially when you've taken a little break from it all. Even now I find myself struggling to write something captivating and interesting, I feel like a toddler trying their best to write on the dotted line!  Nevertheless, I shall persist. Because I love it. And I love supporting my fellow bloggers and watching their platforms grow. It's incredibly inspiring and despite it's flaws a wonderful community to be apart of.

These images were shot on a beach off the Sea Wall in Stanley Park, Vancouver. It's hard to believe I was there a couple of months ago, and so much has happened since. I would love to go back to Vancouver someday!

& Other Stories white cotton embroided tee
& Other Stories straight leg jeans

Cruelty-Free make-up:
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel & pencil in shade Chocolate
Rosie for Autograph lipstick in shade Lady Rose
Rosie for Autograph blusher 
Charlotte Tilbury Foundation
Naked2 eyeshadow in Taupe
Nyx mascara
Summer x

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