20 December 2017

Grey, Burgundy & Gold

Oh the joy of visiting my old home of Poitiers. I've moved around quite a lot since I finished University in May last year, and this was the last place where I had my own proper room, my own personal space. Since then it's all been a little unstable. Although I do believe you need your own space in order to develop your ideas, I think you can still be creative when you're on the move, not quite settled, not quite as comfortable as you would want to be. That being said, returning to a place where my creativity flourished - as a result of both determination and of my situation - was really rewarding. It reminded me not only of how far I had come on a personal level since my time at Uni, but also how much I have accomplished in that time - even though I don't have much to show for it. 

This cathedral is only a 5-10 minute walk away from our old flat. We used to shoot here every other week, and it was quite shocking to see these shots for the first time and realise how much our photography skills have improved! The lens has been updated, and our sense of style has developed. & my face! Is so grown up! Do you ever have those moments where you realise just how much time has passed? I swear most of the time I still see myself and my siblings as careless 10 year olds.
After walking the empty halls of the Cathedral for 20 minutes of so, we made our way back outside to the front entrance and braved the sharp, biting cold. It had been well over 2 months since we had last shot fashion related content, but our minds and bodies had done this so many times before, we simply slipped into our old routine.

I really hate being cold, and although wearing jeans is still my least favourite thing, I feel like I have no choice when the temperature drops this low. Remember my story about how I ripped my last remaining pair of skinny jeans at 6am by glamorously squatting into them? Well I still haven't purchased a new pair of skinnies since, which means I heavily rely on Summer's more complete collection of denim pieces when times are tough. This flared ankle grazer is from & Other Stories, a structured pair which, as you can tell by my poor bright pink shins, probably aren't the best choice in Winter.

I somehow ended up wearing all of Summer's pieces on this day - the burgundy jumper was purchased form Zara back in 2015. It's very soft and warm, despite the sleeves only being elbow length. For some reason I find this burgundy colour so comforting: it reminds me of Christmas and cosy moments at home! This is another one of our pieces which we have continued to wear over the course of several years (read my thoughts about the value of clothes here). Although I don't particularly follow trends anyway, it's nice to invest in some jumpers which never go out of fashion and 'age' well.

I don't buy leather anymore either - I ended up wearing Summer's black ankle boots as I was staying at a friends, and she had borrowed mine. I don't mind wearing old leather pieces as I wouldn't want them to go to waste!

The structured coat is also from Zara. I haven't been too happy with some of my previous coats from there as the quality has really let me down, the pockets fall apart within weeks of wear and the lining is really thin, not suitable for the cold at all! To be fair I rarely pay over £100 for a coat, now I know that it's really an item worth investing in I'll definitely be buying a pricier one in the future.
On top of that I can never find a coat which fits my shoulders properly, so more structured pieces can be a problem. I have more of an upside down triangle shoulder to waist ratio so the fabric gets a little bit tight over my shoulders - I have the same problem with blouses which is why I tend to go for oversize pieces.

All that being said, this coat seems to fit pretty well, although I can't wear big bulky jumpers underneath as the sleeves are quite slim. Overall I am pleased with the quality of this one, it's one of Zara's more expensive pieces which is probably why.
It's not the warmest coat in the world with only one button to fasten the front, but I find it does look better unbuttoned anyway so as long as you have a couple of layers it's not a big issue.

That about wraps up this post, it's so refreshing to be focusing on fashion again! I didn't realize how much I missed dressing up whilst I was away. Although I loved adorning my 'adventure gear' every morning, I did miss my comfy jumpers and heeled boots!
Thanks for reading, hoping to get some more fashion related content out there again very soon!

Holly x

All make-up is cruelty-free:

- BB cream: Smashbox Cosmetics
- Mascara: Nyx
- Lipstick & Bronzer: Rosie for Autograph
- Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow 
- Eyeshadow: Naked Palette

Holly is wearing: 

Long tweed coat from Zara
Burgundy wool jumper from Zara
Cropped flared jeans from & Other Stories
Ankle Boots from & Other Stories
Faux Leather belt from Stradivarious
Faux leather bag from Zara


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