13 December 2017

Dressing up a little in Poitiers

Do you recognize this backdrop? The beautiful Romanesque / early Gothic style Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Poitiers. The backdrop of many of our previous blog pictures several years ago, when we lived & studied in this historically rich town. We lived 5 minutes away from here, in a lovely old 2 bedroom apartment in the town centre, complete with high ceilings, old wooden floors and huge windows. On our uni-free days, we would walk to this area and shoot our outfit pictures for a while, before making our way back up the narrow street to the town centre. There, one of us would stop at La Mie Caline to buy some cookies & an almond croissant, while the other crossed the open square to our apartment. They would then put the kettle on, and together we sat down with our tea and pastries: I would then spend the late afternoon editing the pictures and listening to soundtrack music.

We were staying with friends for a week-end when we took these pictures. As soon as we arrived in this open, quiet square, my face broke into a huge grin as a wonderful sense of nostalgia fell over me. It felt like coming home. We snapped our blog pictures without any issues, we knew the best lighting angles by heart. We felt so at ease. After all, we had done this a hundred times before. The backdrops we used for our blog pictures when living here were vital for growing our platform. I've always considered 2014-2015 to be the years our blog truly peaked, I love every outfit post we took during the time we lived here.

It's incredible how tempting it is to live here again, if only for a short while. Cheap rent, friends around the corner, everything you need for blogging. Yet I know that my time in this lovely small town has been and gone. I made the most of it, and moving back to north London was the best next step I could ever have hoped for. That doesn't mean I will forget this place. I make sure I visit whenever I'm back home in France, to spend some quality time with friends and wander around the cobbled streets once more, following the footsteps of Joan of Arc and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

This is my first outfit post post-backpacking, which is a very strange thought. It does all feel like some dream. Since I have been back, I have mostly been wearing lounge-wear (ok yes - pyjamas. It's Christmas time after all!) I very rarely venture outside of the house when I'm at home, due to it's remote location there simply isn't any reason for me to wear my nice clothes every day. This doesn't stop me from dressing up the moment I have social plans, such as this little week-end break in Poitiers.

I donated and sold most of my wardrobe before I left, but I have plenty of outfit variations to share on here. I've always said that I'm very happy to wear the same clothes over and over in blog pictures as it's the most realistic depiction of my style. All of the pieces in this outfit have been in my possession for at least 3 months, the oldest over a year. I borrowed Holly's wide leg cropped polka dot trousers, which are very thin so in winter I tend to wear fitness leggings or tights underneath for warmth. These faux leather ankle boots were the best addition to my shoe collection as they go with everything, and I can easily wear them all day. The beige knit jumper is an oversize fit, but can easily be folded to suit high rise trousers. The oversize trench coat is still going strong: it's lining and the fact that it's double breasted means that it's weather appropriate in the colder months, all it requires it a little scarf and perhaps a lovely red or black beret. I love this outfit combination because it can be easily dressed up or down: the oversize knit makes it feel more casual yet the heeled ankle boots offer that slightly more dressed-up feel. You can swap the oversize knit for a sleeker one for a more polished feel too! And last but not least, this lovely burgundy draw-string bag adds the perfect touch of colour, breaking up the palette a little.

I've missed outfit blogging so much, and creating this post has reminded me just how much I enjoy it. I love creating fashion/personal style content. It has been the one constant in my life over the past few years, and it's incredible seeing how much your personal style can evolve over time.

Until next time, Summer x

Summer wears

Zara oversize beige trench coat & faux leather ankle boots
Topshop polka dot wide leg cropped trousers
& Other Stories beige oversize knit jumper
Marks & Spencers burgundy bucket bag

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