22 November 2017

New Zealand Travel Diary: Picton

Picton. A small town at the very tip of New Zealand's South Island. It is known as the gateway to both islands. If you are travelling from Wellington, you will pass through Picton after your ferry through the Cook Strait. Picton is a very tourist friendly town with lots of hostels, hotels & apartments on every street. There are several restaurants and cafes, lots of hiking trails available & hundreds of other outdoor activities for you to choose from. If you do plan on taking the Ferry I would definitely recommend staying a night or two here, especially if the weather is nice. There isn't lots to see in the town but it is so picturesque: nestled between rows upon rows of mountains, the sea stretching to the horizon - it feels like you've stepped in to a dream world. 

The Interislander ferry is a picturesque journey in itself. If you are lucky to have beautiful sunshine, you will be able to admire the endless tree-covered mountains of Marlborough Sounds and its blue waters. The shapes of the mountains look like green giants sleeping in the water. The ferry journey is just under 4 hours and you can step outside onto to the observation deck halfway through, once you've reached the Marlborough Sounds.

Again, I'd only recommend staying a night or two. We were lucky to have good weather for most of our time there which enabled us to do as many free activities as we had planned: there are some amazing hikes nearby (see our post about the Snout Track) and with such stunning views it'd be a shame not to take advantage of them. You could also hire some kayaks if you're not on a tight budget, or even book a boat trip.
We stayed in a private room at Sequoia Lodge Backpackers: it was probably one of my favourite hostels in New Zealand. Free WiFi, a super comfy bed, free breakfast and free soup at dinner - AND chocolate pudding at 8pm every night. The hostel also had hot water bottles available, extra blankets, and a locker for our valuables. I was amazed at the service we had there. Our room was only accessible from the outside, so we did have to venture outside to get to the toilet and shower but other than that it was great value for money. We even had a free shuttle service to the ferry terminal to hop back on to the Kiwi Experience Bus. 


We had some lovely meals at Cafe Cortana, located at the edge of the seafront on the high-street. It does delicious pizzas & roasted vegetable salads. We didn't go anywhere else during our stay but there are several restaurants to chose from so you have a bit of variety. If you are able to cook yourselves there is a FourSquare on the main street in town, I personally found it a bit pricey but it had all the basics.

We have another 2 days here in Picton before we hop on to the bus once more, stopping next at the Abel Tasman National Park!

Summer x


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