6 November 2017

NZ Travel Diary: Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ngauruhoe. An active volcano in the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand's north island. It lies between the active volcanoes of Mount Tongariro to the north and Mount Ruapehu to the south, 25km from Lake Taupo. You may recognize it from somewhere else, too. Mount Ngauruhoe is also Mount Doom in Middle Earth, the mountain of fire in which Frodo & Sam must destroy the one ring - and the name is quite fitting: as well as being a sacred Maori site, you can no longer hike the volcano as it is deemed too dangerous. A little google search and you'll see how many people have lost their lives not only on the volcano, but the neighbouring Alpine Crossing (which we did) and the terrain surrounding the roots of the mountain. It is a truly magnificent sight, a warm sea of oranges and reds, a cone reaching for the skies and the mountain tops covered in a blanket of snow.

The sheer beauty of New Zealand's landscape has taken my breath away. I'm currently in Picton, our first stop in the south island, and the views seem to get better and better the further south we go. Although my knees may regret doing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, I am glad I was able to experience this landscape. I completed the crossing, through rain, wind and snow - and I was able to admire the spectacular Mount Doo- Ngauruhoe. So, technically I made it through Mordor and reached Mount Doom.

Summer x

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