11 November 2017

Grey Knit On The Beach

Warm, clean socks. Slippers. A midi skirt. Ankle boots. A trench coat. Nail polish. All these little things that I didn't expect to miss when travelling. I have been living out of two rucksacks for the past 38 days, and I am beginning to get a little frustrated. I only have two bags, yet I am constantly rummaging through them trying to find something (it took me 20 minutes last night to find a phone charger, despite only have 2 bags to look through) Every morning upon changing hostels, you'll find fellow backpackers doing the exact same thing. All you can hear for a good half an hour is bags being zipped and unzipped, the shuffling of plastic bags and a repetition of 'sorry!' as you accidentally hit someone with your 13 kg rucksack because it's leaning to one side (that's me). I never thought of myself as a particularly materialistic person. When I first moved out of home, I threw away & donated all the clutter that had built up over the years. Yet here I am, looking forward to returning home and enjoying all the small luxuries that we take for granted.

I can't wait to be reunited with my wardrobe. My belongings. My trench coat, my ankle boots and painting my nails! All these little things that will make me feel a little more like myself again. I love travelling, it's truly an incredible experience that I will cherish - but it does put a lot of things in to perspective. Yes, you can live out of two bags. You can live with the bare minimum. You can sleep in a new bed every night in a different location, and be on the move constantly. It's wonderful and thrilling, yet scary. I'm beginning to miss all the little things that have been a part of my routine for years. Things that seem so unimportant, but are actually an extension of your self, of your identity. How you like to present yourself, all the materialistic things that you surround yourself with on a daily basis. 

Perhaps I'm craving the simple comforts only a home can provide, even though I don't yet feel homesick. But more than anything, I miss my clothes. So much. Every time I scroll through my Instagram I see incredible outfits, beautiful pieces of clothing that I wish I owned. I have been wearing fitness wear pretty much every single day for the past month: leggings, sports bra, trainers or hiking boots (which I love! ) Yet I'm truly starting to miss dressing up and how I usually present myself when I have a bit of stability. 

So although I don't own a huge number of materialistic possessions, I do miss the ones I do have back home. Not just the clothing I choose to wear or various pampering items, but the little things that have sentimental value - a handful of little trinkets in my bedroom, my film pictures hanging on the walls, my carpet, my mauve bed sheets & bumblebee embroidered cushion. How knew I could miss these things so much? 

We shot these pictures in Picton, a lovely small town that is known as the gateway to the south island. We were fortunate enough to have sunshine for most of our stay there. The coast is stunning, with this lovely little stretch of beach offering glimpses of the Malborough Sounds. This is my only smart outfit I have been wearing whilst backpacking. The lovely grey Zara jumper is Holly's, and my trusty cropped flared & Other Stories jeans are my capsule wardrobe saviours.

I'm currently in the picturesque town of Wanaka for a few days, having just spent two nights in Franz Josef. The south island of New Zealand is home to the most breathtaking & dramatic landscapes I have ever seen, from rainforests to waterfalls, pebble beaches & glaciers. Some are almost too beautiful to process. I keep staring at the mountains across the lake, half expecting them to be a part of some giant poster pinned against the horizon.


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