14 October 2017

The Coromandel Peninsula, NZ : Cathedral Cove

As I stood where the Pevensies once stood as they arrived back in Narnia, I couldn't help but think I had also set foot in to a magical world full of beauty and wonder. The sound of the waves as they crashed in to the cliff rocks was deafening, emitting such power yet also a sense of calm. This crashing of waves echoed through the stone cove, adding to sense of awe. The cold, beautifully blue water numbed my feet & even tried to sweep away my hiking boots. The cove is quite spectacular, with a high ceiling & triangular doorway on either side, joining both stretches of beach and easily mistakable for a passage into another world. The beaches are very remote, requiring a 45 minute trek to get there, but it is definitely worth it.

The famous Cathedral Cove is located in the Coromandel Peninsula, on New Zealand's north island. The Coromandel is home to beautiful beaches and some very expensive holiday homes, the perfect summer holiday destination for New Zealanders living in nearby cities such as Auckland or Rotorua. 

Our Kiwi Experience bus had stopped here for a short while before heading to Hot Water Beach for an overnight stay. The bus journey itself was incredibly beautiful, offering breathtaking landscapes at every turn - seemingly endless rows of trees stretching to the horizon, with hills & valleys straight out of a fictional wonderland.

Summer x

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