16 October 2017

Supernatural Season 13, Episode 1 - Lost and Found - Comments and Predictions

Another year, another Supernatural season premiere! I've been following this show for over 10 years now, it's basically become a tradition in my family. I was lucky enough to meet some of the cast at a Supernatural Convention a couple of years ago and I obviously follow their antics on social media. It's safe to say that they are all pretty cool people.
Supernatural is important to many people for many different reasons. If viewers don't relate to the characters of the show, they'll relate to the actors. I have a profound respect for how these people use their voices: over the years the cast have worked hard to raise money for various charities and campaigns, helping out a massive amount of people whilst all the while shedding light on mental illness and more (google GISHWHES, #spnfamily, nowandgen x popandsuki, Wayward AF, AKF, and previous campaigns with Represent.com - you'll see what I'm talking about).

With such a loyal fanbase who are known by the cast as simply the #spnfamily (proof of how much they are appreciated), it's interesting to see how viewers react to new episodes when they've been following characters for over 10 years.

Obviously DON'T READ THIS REVIEW if you are not up-to-date. You'll want this to be a surprise, trust me.

*spoilers below*

 I was very excited to see what was in store for Season 13. Being a Film Graduate, my views have definitely shifted when it comes to production so I'm always a little nervous when a new episode comes out because I tend to pick at it and try to find any plot-holes or obvious mistakes.
Like any show, sometimes these things are unavoidable. Although there are previous episodes that I have disagreed with (let's not get started on those character deaths), I can say with upmost honesty that I will always appreciate this show and it's characters.
So much so that when a new episode comes out, and it's a darn good one, I find myself itching to write a review to express my thoughts and feelings. When they can still impress you after 13 seasons you know they're going in the right direction.

With such a game-changing season 12 finale, we know we can expect some never-seen before story-lines in Season 13. Lucifer and Mary in a parallel universe? Cas gone? As in dead dead. As in body burned and no-turning-back-now-kinda-dead. Lucifer's offspring. A nephilim of great power who happens to fall under Sam & Dean's responsibility.

Over the years we have seen these boys grow into men: losing their father figures, their friends and family until they are truly alone with no-one to rely on. Season 12 changed ALL of that when Mary was bought back. Suddenly the boys have a parent again and they have no idea what to make of it. They aren't boys anymore, they don't need protecting. This new family dynamic brought about alot of possibilities in terms of character development and story-lines. What better way to further this than to add a father-son dynamic? This time with Sam & Dean as the parental figures?

The introduction of Jack is one of the most exciting things to happen to Supernatural. The possibilities are endless. The first episode already placed Sam in a father-figure position. Dean, left  broken and numb by Cas' death, didn't even hesitate to shoot the boy. Both of these reactions are true to character: Sam has always been more open-minded than Dean, staying hopeful in the midst of oncoming danger. Dean has often let his emotions get the better of him, losing his temper when he is emotional.

Although the seasons tend to follow a certain structure I think it was long overdue for us to get a season premiere that offers a different kind of plot. From the off-set, we don't have the whole 'the world needs saving' plot, instead we have the mourning of beloved Cas' death. I hope this is taken as an opportunity for Supernatural to focus on the foundations of the show: hunting and character interactions. It's an opportunity for us to see Sam and Dean's paternal side and to see how their behaviour and values impacts the highly anticipated character of Jack Kline.

I think it's fair to say that Alexander Calvert did an amazing job with Jack. We saw his power, his vulnerability, and most importantly the first connection with Sam. The last scene of the episode in which they burn Cas' body, Jack looks to Sam for understanding. Definitely a hint at this father/son dynamic.
I also loved how this episode introduced Clark (Rob Raco - you may know him from CW's popular show Riverdale). A possible narrative which could bring along a lot of character development for Jack. He needs some friends after all, doesn't he?

So what direction will this season go in?
Jack, unintentionally or not, could be the one to create a rift between the brothers. Sam has always seen the best in people, so his reaction towards Jack isn't surprising at all. Dean however will be the most cautious. I'm hoping we don't go down this road and that Dean opens his heart a little.

But before everything goes to Hell as it usually does in the Winchesters world, it'd be great if we saw Sam and Dean trying to deal with typical teenager related issues. Little things like house-hold chores, parties, hangovers, all that kind of stuff. It would be such a breath of fresh air! How are they going to deal with this fully grown teenager, offspring of the one who tortured Sam for centuries? I do hope they bring him back to the Bunker and take care of him. Surely they'll consider their child-hood and decide that any child deserves better, regardless of their parentage.

My predictions are that Lucifer will demand an exchange: Mary for Jack. And at this point the father/son dynamic will have been established, creating a heart-wrenching dilemma for the boys. 'Family don't end in blood' has always been a strong Winchester motto, right?

If we do go down this road the possibilities are endless. Exploration of Earth 2 (do we have a name for it yet?) and the appearance of people thought lost to Sam & Dean forever (aka a certain Kevin Tran).

All in all, I am super pleased with the season 13 debut. There are alot of possible, exciting story-lines which I really hope we get to see play out. This chapter in the life of Supernatural could be exactly what the show needed to keep things going without re-playing the same cards.

& We also have Wayward Sisters to look forward to! I for one am damn proud about that.

Holly x

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