19 October 2017

NZ Travel Diary: Dancing in the waves at Hot Water Beach

 Hot Water Beach was our first overnight stop on the Kiwi Experience Bus Tour. After a stressful morning which included Summer and I "running" as fast as we possibly could with all of our large backpacks to get to the Bus Station on time, we made it onto our Tour bus, and the adventure down the North Island of New Zealand began.

We will be doing a very long post at the end of our trip which will discuss everything (the Funky Chicken bus pass, activities, accommodation and everything else related to the Kiwi Experience trip) so you guys will have a full review of the experience, as well as reviews, comments, suggestions and more.

We only took a couple of pictures at Hot Water Beach: we were pretty exhausted after our 5am wake-up call, and we didn't want to worry too much about shooting lots of content. To be honest it was probably one of the best places to do just that. Despite the harsh waves it was one of the most calming areas I've ever set foot in.

One moment from this evening which I remember with such clarity is when I was looking out to the horizon, my feet sinking through the sand and soaked in freezing cold water. We were alone but for the locals, who were digging out their large holes in the sand, ready for the tide to come in and fill them up, a natural bath thanks to the underground thermal activity.

I believe this moment stayed with me because it felt like our New Zealand adventure had truly begun. The first couple of days in Auckland and Waiheke Island were somewhat stressful and overwhelming. Our minds were buzzing with questions regarding the Kiwi Experience Bus tour, and of course all the other worrying that comes with travelling. At this point we were able to relax a little bit and appreciate where we were.

I remember just standing there feeling my feet get colder and colder with every passing second. A sense of gratitude settled over me when I closed my eyes and listened to the sea. We couldn't believe we were there. We made it. We were so far away from home yet we felt safe and so peaceful. We were so content to simply take in the natural beauty in silence.

The beach got busier as the light began to fade. More and more people were arriving with their shovels to dig out their holes which would transform into hot tubs. My legs were soaked to the knees at this point, and we were quite ready to snuggle up in the nearby hostel (As pictured above, the cold waves would come in much harder than expected).

The drive to Hot Water Beach itself was breath-takingly beautiful - I imagine my Dad and fellow motorcyclists would enjoy this route in particular not only because of the views but also because of the small roads which snake their way through the surroundings hills and mountains. 

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures. I like the stripped back nature of them. It was a very 'real' moment and I feel as though the magic of it was captured. I can almost hear the thunder of the waves and feel the sea breeze on my face. Although I may not return here again (who knows though?) I doubt I'll ever forget the mixture of feelings this place brought on any time soon. Either way I'm glad I have this post to remind me of this day. 

Holly x

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