7 October 2017

By The Mountains

Coal Harbour & the waterfront near the Convention Centre had to be my favourite part of Vancouver. In the mornings, we would pass dozens of joggers, cyclists, and dog-walkers on their daily routine. Fitness is definitely very popular there, with lots of bike rental areas and of course thanks to Stanley Park, which is the perfect playground for runners. There are several places to eat along the waterfront, from caf├ęs to restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours. The harbour, home to hundreds of boats, is also a chance to see a bit of wildlife if you're lucky. We saw jellyfish, starfish and even a seal right next to the yachts. There is a true sense of balance & harmony between man & wildlife here. With only a few steps out of the city, you can easily run in to raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks & more. Vancouver is also so clean. Fresh. No litter in sight. Not even a cigarette bud. 
With very few clothes with me, my day to day uniform in Vancouver was a variation of the following: cropped flares or straight jeans with a plain cotton t-shirt. As I type this, we're on day 13 of our trip & amazingly I still have some t-shirts that haven't been worn yet! I haven't grown tired of this ensemble yet, I only wish I had a nice belt with me to make the look feel a little more put-together.

I'm so glad I bought this burgundy bucket bag before I left, it's the perfect size for those city days out: phone, keys, purse & even a camera lens. My only issue is that I can't bring a bottle of water with me so I usually end up holding it all day which isn't ideal. I do love my new RayBan sunnies, however I've found that they aren't ideal where you're in the big outdoors - large opens areas when trekking - as I have to squint even with them on. I do love how they look on though, most days I'm tempted not to wear any eye make-up and just wear these instead! So there you have it. The perfect casual not-a-lot-of-effort-required ensemble. The faux leather biker jacket seems to fix any outfit dilemma too, and I'm determined to make the most out of it during this light jacket weather.

There is always a pressure to dress and look your best when on holiday, and it's definitely a topic I plan on discussing here at some point. It's actually quite refreshing and liberating to dress very casually every day. Although I'm only two weeks in to our two month trip, I'm not yet frustrated by the lack of choice I have. If anything, I regret bringing some clothes with me! When changing hostels or hotels, I'm carrying a 11kg backpack along with a 5-6kg smaller rucksack on my front. As you can imagine, it becomes a huge task every time as you have to ensure you've packed everything accordingly, and of course getting on a bus or ferry is a challenge in itself. I've been making sure I stretch my back, arms and legs after each of these hotel-changes as to avoid any aches or pains! (Side note though, my thighs & calves have never been so muscular!)

We will be sharing a Vancouver city-guide at some point, so this area will no doubt feature on here again soon, along with places to eat & explore.

Summer x



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