17 October 2017

Burgundy Bucket Bag

The Bucket Bag. A burgundy one, too. I found this cute (& affordable!) little piece in Marks & Spencers before I left the UK, and straight way I felt compelled to buy it. I've always wanted a bucket bag, and this one ticks all the boxes. It has a drawstring opening, an interior zipped compartment, an adjustable shoulder strap and it's so soft. This one is ideal for travelling as it can easily be folded & packed away without any lasting damage or creases, unlike other more structured bucket bags. 

I love burgundy backs in general but have struggled recently to find an affordable faux-leather one. I used to carry a large burgundy city bag to uni which was gorgeous, it's in need of a little repair but it's still got it. I own very few bags, I can literally count them all on one hand. I tend to buy shoes & bags for the long run, investment pieces (faux leather ideally) which is why the same ones always pop up in the ootd blog posts!

These pictures were taken during our last day in Vancouver! As I type this, it is Day 17 of our trip and we're currently in Rotorua for 2 days. One of the things I enjoy the most when travelling is seeing how other people dress - is it more laid back, preppy, smart? When I studied near Toronto, I noticed that a lot of people my age wore mostly casual, laid-back wear. In Vancouver, it was a little similar but with a lot of fitness wear too. In Auckland, I felt so underdressed. Everyone appeared so polished and put-together, not a hair out of line or shoelace untied. I wish I had spent more time in Auckland but would definitely return to visit if the opportunity presented itself in the future!

Since I began our hop-on hop-off Kiwi Experience bus trip, most of the time I've been with people in the bus. We're all wearing similar gear, fitness leggings, jeans, raincoats and hiking boots. Yet people's individual style still peeps through via accessories or styling. The age group of the first bus I was on was early to mid twenties, with one or two older people. So far, I've met people from the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Canada & the US. It's been quite a fast paced action-packed adventure so far, and I'm loving it. I can't believe how much we've done in the past 4 days alone, so it's difficult to process everything we've done. We have a few relaxed days which is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep & rest our feet a little! We have a 20km hike on the horizon so any chance to prop my feet up has to be taken.

One thing I've noticed when writing & editing these blog posts is the impact travelling has on me physically. It's incredible how quickly our body adapts & changes. In some posts, I look so tired: puffy eyes, facial lines more pronounced - and other days I look refreshed & well fed. My legs look different, they have never been so muscular - my calves aren't as lean as usual due to the amount of uphill hiking I've been doing. I'm embracing all the changes, it's just a part of the adventure that you need to accept. Despite not being to work out regularly, I've found that I don't feel the urge to do so. I've been walking at least 8km a day, so instead of my usual routine I've just been stretching as much as possible after long days. 

This post is a bit of a ramble, I haven't written any in a few days so I'm just typing whatever comes to mind as I don't know when I'll next get decent wifi! I'm wearing & Other Stories stripped long sleeve cotton top with cropped flare jeans, my DM & the aforementioned Marks & Spencers bag. Let me know what you think of this look! I've noticed a dip in our blog views lately, whether that's because I haven't had to chance to comment on other blogs or because of something else, I don't know! I feel like a serious website / SEO enquiry needs to happen soon. In the meantime, Kia Ora from New Zealand x


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