21 September 2017

Warm and cosy in Coal Harbour

Day 3 in Vancouver, and we finally managed to squeeze in a quick shoot. The air was crisp along the Waterfront, the rain clouds looming over the mountains in the distance. I can't tell you guys how much I love Vancouver so far. Every single morning is a pinch-me moment, we have always wanted to visit this city, and now that we are here, it's hard to take in.
Waking up to the view of the city, Stanley Park, and of course the mountains, is in itself surreal. Every day so far has been an adventure, and we are very much looking forward to sharing the content we've been working on.

One of our favourite areas so far is the Waterfront, and Coal Harbour. It offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains, the harbour, the edge of Stanley Park, the many apartment blocks lining the city edge. We spent a long while just taking it all in. The dramatic background makes for the perfect backdrop!

It was a little chilly on this day so I wore my new & Other Stories jumper - it's not cropped which is a first for me - paired with Summer's Zara paisley print trousers. They are a very loose fit which fall just on the hips, and they stretch quite a lot after a couple of hours of walking. I'm loving wearing printed trousers as a transitional piece, this pair especially is super easy to style as it is a staple piece: add a basic cosy jumper and voila! It reminds me of those cosy autumn evenings indoors by a fireplace.

I'm also quite excited about these shoes: they are vegan! I have made quite a lot of lifestyle changes recently and I wanted to incorporate these changes into my daily style. I did a lot of research to find some sustainable and eco-friendly footwear, and I stumbled upon the TOMS website. They have a reasonably big Vegan section, ranging from your classic pair to denim, there is a good range to choose from. These are perfect for travelling as they are so small (and I don't need to worry so much about socks), and they genuinely are super comfortable. I'm interested to see how they do: as there is no leather at all in the shoe it could well be that they fall apart within a matter on months. Hopefully they will hold up!

It's day number 6 in Vancouver as I type this, time is flying by and although we are absolutely knackered we are trying to squeeze as much in as possible. Today was the first day we got a little bit of a lie-in (still a 8:30 wake-up call) but I feel a little more rested. It's been interesting seeing the impact that travelling has on the body and the mind, I'm starting to feel homesick already, and a little frustrated about the lack of comfort, or the fact that I can't cook my own food! I'm excited to write a post about the whole thing.

We're hoping to publish more posts as we go along, hoping the free Wi-Fi permits! But for now, I hope you enjoyed our first outfit post in Vancouver, and the first outfit post in way too long.

Holly is wearing:

Black knit jumper: & Other Stories
Paisley print trousers: Zara
Convertible back-pack: Zara
Shoes: Toms (VEGAN)

If you guys are interested to see what we're up to on the go, Summer and I have been posting alot on Instagram!

Have a lovely day peeps x


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