28 September 2017

The Seven Sisters Hiking Trail, Stanley Park

If you follow the Tatlow Trail in Stanley Park you will eventually find this wondrous area called The Seven Sisters, a break in the woods home to seven giant tree stumps. These tree stumps are all that remain of the seven towering majestic trees, six of them Douglas Fir trees and one of them a Red Cedar, that once stood tall and proud in the park. These trees were a world-renowned tourist attraction for decades, their magnificence admired by all those who walked beneath them. Sadly due to the natural decay of the trees they became unsafe and had to be cut down.
When we first stumbled upon this area, a smile broke across my face as I read the name. "The Seven Sisters". It shares the name with the train station I often use in London, albeit these two places couldn't be more different. In London, the Seven Sisters station is industrial, steel, iron. Here, it is earth, bark and leaves. This little area resonates with energy, if you look up you will see dozens of squirrels and chipmunks climbing up and down the trees, running across the earth or even curiously staring at you. It is a place of wonder where we can truly appreciate the beauty of nature. The surrounding trees block out all noise pollution and a fair amount of sunlight, rendering the large space in to a quiet, peaceful & magical setting. The trees stumps remind us of the might of nature, its strength and its legacy. 

Stanley Park has many hiking trails. The park is a third larger than Central Park, with a small lake, a sea wall and a wild, untouched feel. 70% of the park remains in its natural state with only a few roads and signs of civilisation present. Holly & I went to the park twice and took the same trail as we loved it so much. I've always felt at home in the woods, I grew up playing in them, making cabins & climbing trees whilst playing hide and seek.
These pictures were taken during our second visit. I decided to wear jeans and a white tee this time, as we only explored this part of the park. I borrowed Holly's hiking boots for this occasion as they didn't clash as much as mine, put on my raincoat & rucksack and went on this little adventure.

I only brought this rucksack and a small bucket bag with me for this trip. The rucksack has lots of pockets and separate compartments which is always useful when travelling, and it just feels so good to wear too. Whenever I put on hiking boots and a rucksack I instantly feel like Russell from Up, a proper wilderness explorer. Both of these items emit such a sense of adventure, bringing out the Bilbo Baggins in me. 

I opted for the classic white tee and jeans look, a timeless ensemble. I did wear a lot of fitness wear on my other hikes: leggings, sports tops and cardigans. Stanley Park isn't too demanding, it's overall quite flat and easy to navigate, so jeans is a good option during the fall months. I bought this raincoat in Decathlon back home, not the most fashionable piece I own but it was affordable and what I needed. It is only lightly lined, however it does keep you warm and dry and it has plenty of pockets for all of your camera blogging needs. 

I bought these straight leg jeans from & Other Stories, they are mid-rise and feel so comfortable. I'm actually wearing them in the airport as I type this, they are perfect for long-haul flights or drives as they are soft and elasticated yet still look smart when paired with boots or dressier pieces! The white cotton tee, also from &Other Stories, has a little embroidered detail on it: Les Vacances, quite appropriate for my current situation.

So there you have it. What to wear when going for a little wander through Stanley Park! Holly & I are currently sat in Vancouver airport waiting to check in for our flight to New Zealand, which I can't believe is finally happening after all these years of dreaming about it! Needless to say we will be sharing our adventures on here over the coming months so whomever is reading this has a lot of content to look forward to.

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