10 September 2017

The next big adventure

12 months later, and we're on the move once more. Over the past couple of years, we have taken every opportunity that has come our way, and (to our great gratitude) we have managed to do quite a bit, and travel quite a lot.

We are officially no longer employed (shout-out to our wonderful colleagues who bought us to tears on our last day!), and all of our possessions are currently sitting in Summer's bedroom back home in France. I am officially 'free', the only limit being my budget (which is astoundingly tight lol). No personal space, no possessions, no work ties. Just my 65L backpack and my Travel Itinerary.

You may have noticed we haven't been posting as much on our beloved blog lately, our calendars have been full to the brim over recent weeks, packed with family activities and evenings with friends. When we're not out and about, it's the HIIT workouts and yoga, and the Netflix binge. I wish I could say I can balance everything out, but with so much to prepare and organise, we just haven't had the time to shoot content, and unless I can give it my full, unwavering attention, I can't do it.

So take this post as an update, a quick insight into what is going on in our lives at the moment. We're off to Vancouver for 10 days on the 15th of September, followed by a jam-packed trip to New Zealand (wait what?!). We're stopping off in San Francisco on our way back to break up the long journey, which in itself seems unbelievable. As you can imagine we're pinching ourselves. We've worked for a year for this trip, and excited is an understatement.

We are hoping to post on here during our trip if free WiFi permits (please), so you will see an interesting shift in the blog content. Outfit pictures in a new big City, travel pictures featuring the great big outdoors, and Lord of the Rings centred posts (I'm going this far so damn right I'm going to as many filming locations as I possibly can and posing with the props on top of Edoras).

So expect to see a whole lot of content over the next couple of months, from pictures to vlogs, we'll be documenting the whole thing.

Holly x


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