23 September 2017

The Casual Uniform

Two pieces in this outfit were bought rather spontaneously only days before packing for my two-month trip. This burgundy soft draw-string bucket bag had caught my eye in Marks & Spencers (who have a lot of nice pieces in at the moment) and this faux-leather biker jacket is from Zara. I have been after a decent faux leather jacket for a while now and since I only had a green rain coat for travelling I thought it would be nice to have a dressier piece of outerwear with me too. 
The draw-string bag has an interior zipped compartment and is surprisingly roomy, big enough to fit my large purse, sunglasses case, phone & more. It's also the perfect, convenient out-and-about bag, when you only need your necessities. I usually carry large bags with me to fit bottles of water and my cameras so it's nice to have a smaller bag for days when all I have to do is run some errands.

The jacket feels really nice on, a good true-to-size fit, and it doesn't feel cheap unlike some faux-leather pieces. The pockets are decently sized too, large enough to fit my phone.

I somehow managed to fit a variety of clothes in my 65L rucksack but overall most of my outfits will follow this uniform: cropped jeans, a plain tee and my jacket. These new Ray Bans are the only accessory I brought along with me and although I have yet to achieve the effortless-cool-mysterious sunglasses look (someone teach me please) I am very glad I finally invested in some decent sunglasses. As for the shoes, I have my docs, my trainers & my hiking boots with me.  My Docs will no doubt appear in all of the next few outfit posts!

As I type this, it's the end of my 7th day in Vancouver! Despite having this wonderful city and mountain as a backdrop I have barely had time to shoot outfit pictures. On the one hand, I feel a little guilty that I'm not taking full advantage of this incredible scenery but on the other hand it's nice to appreciate it and not worry about capturing it "for the blog" (which usually leads to Holly & I bickering and stressing trying to get the right shots). Vancouver is rather beautiful, so far my favourite parts have been Stanley Park & the Capilano River Regional Park. We will be sharing separate posts for each place we visit, including city guides which will feature a list of what to do, where to eat, budgeting etc!

Holly & I have been shooting a lot of video content this trip so far: yes, we're giving vlogging a go (well, Holly is - nothing like vlogging to make you realise just how asymmetrical your face is)! Not to worry, we both feature in them! Holly is usually talking whilst I'm the one doing the steady camera shots. Yep, I'm talking about tracking, pan & tilt shots. These vlogs will no doubt be very visual, and being someone with a film degree it's nice to be able to integrate that part of my life into the blog even though I only have the bare minimum. We have no expensive equipment what-so-ever so it's a little experimental, "dipping my toes into the water" as they say, so either way it will be interesting to see the end result! (fingers crossed)

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